PS Vita 2000 UK Price Is Ridiculous

"Moreover, part of the point in developing this new system was to lower the production costs on Sony’s end. The Sony crew could keep the price the same, or be a nice lot and pass the savings on to you, but this is neither of those. Production costs are down, and the price is going above that of the old model. If one didn’t know any better, one might assume that the PS4 and PS Vita were made and marketed by completely different companies, as one product seemingly made all the right moves and the other has a double agent trying to kill it before it reaches the shelves." -PSLS

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sinncross1628d ago

So retailers have been slashing prices of the original PSV... yeah sure you cna get better deals but the official price is nonetheless 199.

Retailers making it cheaper is to their detriment and our benefit.

The new PSV is 180 meaning that the OFFICIAL price is indeed actually cheaper. keep in mind that Sony does not sell the PSV to retailers for 180 pounds... they sell it cheaper than that. That 180 is the retailers making money of what they bought.

i agree the new price would have been better if it was cheaper but comparing it a price that retailers have been slashing themselves is not entirely a fair comparison .

GribbleGrunger1628d ago

Sony said last year that they no longer set a RRP on their products which means that retailers are free to offer better value if they wish.

TomShoe1628d ago

I have a feeling that it's going to be much cheaper when it eventually comes here in the US. Hopefully this is only the result of the UK's normal price inflation, and it will be receiving a number of price cuts once the early-adopter wave has dried out.

Launch PS4s were £349 = ~$574 (£242). This won't have as much demand, so prices should drop quickly as a result. Retailers discount the current model, they'll discount the new one as well.

vazurahan1628d ago

Why do this idiot sites keep comparing the Slim's MSRP to store prices?

They should compare it to Phat's MSRP that shows it 20 pounds cheaper.

They should wait for Slim's store prices before making stupid articles like this.

MastaMold1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

@vazurahan, agreed playstation lifestyle is just looking for hits, PS Vita Slim has not been announced here in the US this is the UK we're talking about. How could assumptions be made when nobody knows the details of PS Vita Slim launching in the US yet.

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bit-crusherrrr1628d ago

All i saw when i opened the link to prove the point of the original vita being cheaper was pre-owned is £100, right well i know what i'll be buying when i get paid next week.