World of Warcraft Expansion to be released just before Elder Scrolls Online

ESOHut Writes: "If your already a WoW player, you’ll know that the 5th expansion for the most popular and subscribed MMO of all time is due out in March this year.

Warlords of Draenor is due to add a heap of extra content to its current virtual world as well as give players some more needed activities, which quite a bit of it is tailored for maxed out characters to keep them subscribed month after month."

Will WoWs next expansion keep MMO players from crossing over to play Elder Scrolls Online or will they want to give it a try anyway?

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Dehnus1626d ago

So another rushed expansion, like Pandaria with it's very few instances, to beat another MMO to the market.

Which really wasn't needed last time and isn't needed this time either. Star Wars TOR people will play TOR, and WOW people will play WOW. But in Pandaria, half of the stuff promised did not make it in, and that is now being added as a quick expansion with a Doctor Who Story line from the early 90's.

And for what? Competing again with a game that requires no competition? So again we'll get like 5 or 6 instances which are closer to drinking game jokes than actual dungeon crawling...

And again we blame these 15 minutes:"Let us keep people addicted with 15 minute things, so they say just one more..." on the casuals.

SIgh.. I miss old WOW when I could still dungeon crawl. But then I am an old Warcraft fan since Warcraft 2 whom by now really isn't the target audience an ymore. Heck the initial players of WOW Vanilla aren't the target Audience any more (SO much changed in 10 years ;), naturally ofcourse ;)). So I'm just playing for Nostalgia reasons alone. :P

thekhurg1626d ago

Mists followed nearly the exact same release schedule as previous expansions. WoD is also not being rushed because the game is not releasing in March. This website is full of shit. Blizzard has already announced another PVP season before the end of Mists, and no PVP season is 8 weeks long.

Every PVP season has been 20+ weeks long. ALL OF THEM - which means the final season will end at some point in July.

Dehnus1626d ago

This is what I mean. There is more to PVP than just seasons and making people think Esports is the only thing that matters in gaming.

Mists was announced to have far more content, including new models and even some suggestions at Garrisons. Those where axed to make sure they made the deadline and did not need to postpone the release. Since GuildWars 2 and TOR where on the corner Blizzard did not do their usual "When it is done" thing.

And now they seem to do the same thing again, put in some features that where already promised for the previous expansion (And models that will stand out like a sore thumb in the old content by being too realistic. They should have kept that in mind a bit). With a story plot that is just beyond Silly. Rather than just give it a few more months and give some more features and gameplay modi including storyline that RPers would love.

PVP seasons could be held WITHOUT an expansion. You do not need a new lvl cap to enjoy those.

thekhurg1626d ago


My entire comment went entirely over your head. WoD is not being rushed. Period. End of story.

kazuma9991626d ago

Have u not even read the damn wow site? LOL they are releasing same instance as pandaria and also more further down the line so we dont get bored. Rofl

Spinal1625d ago

Maybe you're just stupid or something?

Blizzard is not rushing their next expansion or else it would have come out already.

1) Blizzard announces release dates atleast 2 months prior to release.

2) Diablo 3 expansion Reaper of Souls is out March 25th, Blizzard never releases their IP's at the same time period.

3) There is a new pvp season coming and the tend to last 22-24 weeks.

Chances are the new expansion won't be out til Aug/Sept.

and ive played many mmos an can confirm that Blizzard has never rushed an expansion. You want to see rushed? Play SWTOR at launch.

Gamba111626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I highly highly doubt xpac will be coming in march. May-june sounds a bit better. They definitely do NOT want to keep the community waiting much longer though. It has been so long before anything new, and they really do need to get this xpac out asap.

evercast1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

IF you are a WoW player you know that there is not a release date for Warlords how did this get approved?

MRMagoo1231626d ago

Exactly what I was thinking when I read the title , they haven't even started the beta yet , if it was as close to release as they say then I would be beta testing by now it's only 1 more month till March .

pompombrum1626d ago

Was thinking the same also.. I'm not even going to give the website a click but what was the author thinking? He/She is either a complete idiot or is going around deliberately giving out wrong information for cheap hits.

UltraAtomic1626d ago

es Online is going to beat wow they suck now