All For Naught: The Cost of Redemption in The Last of Us

If you have seen Martin Scorsese’s film, The Last Temptation of Christ, you would remember its iconic moment when Satan, masquerading as the youthful guardian angel, successfully deceived Jesus away from dying on the cross. Though wounded, the Saviour was literally saved from his death and continued on with his life, leaving mankind deprived of the salvation that God had planned to bestow unto the lost.

It is one thing for a man to be willing to sacrifice himself for a great cause, yet another to be able to do so without being deterred by those around him. In this hypothetical rendition, Jesus was led astray by a crafty enemy. However, it got me thinking about the other people related to the historical event, particularly those who were close to the Saviour and truly loved him. Were they actually supportive of Jesus in his mission of atonement? And for ourselves: if a loved one is convinced of giving up their life for the benefit of many, would we be glad for the opportunity to share in the noble journey? Or would we stand in the way?

As a video game set in a world long devastated by a zoonotic cordyceps infection, The Last of Us delivers a similar circumstance between its leading characters.

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