Six Amazing Games From 2013 You Might Not Have Played

UM writes: Yes, we all know GTA V was friggin’ stellar, but what about all the awesome games that kind of got ignored? Well, this list is about them. These are six amazing games from 2013 you MIGHT not have played. Note, if you have played these, feel free to back me up in the comments so the good people know what they are missing.

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vork771447d ago

dmc is not worth playing even if its free on ps+

Fishy Fingers1447d ago

Picked it up in a recent Steam sale, must say, it's a pretty decent game. I'm having fun with it.

xHeavYx1447d ago

I agree, I got it for free with PS+ but had a lot of fun. I really don't see where the hate comes from

vork771447d ago

the game is too easy and i remember how hard it it is getting SSS in Devil may cry 3 and 4 and i hate the new dante he is not funny and he always says fuck you and the past dante never said fuck you

Septic1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Why? It was a decent game. Ignoring all the whinging about the new Dante, it was a great game.

Metal Gear Revengeance was really filmsy imo. Silly boss battles, mental story, downright shoddy camera...I didn't enjoy it that much.

KonsoruMasuta1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Your description of MGR is the perfect description for DMC.
Both games didn't do much for the series they represented.

trickman8881447d ago

@Septic hated a great game....but you like a garbage game with a terrible protagonist, terrible writing("fuck yoooou"), terrible combat mechanics, and piss easy boss battles?

Sorry to say it..but it looks like you have bad taste.

DmC is on the same level as the FF13 series. Pieces of garbage that should have never been made.

Septic1447d ago


I didnt say I hated MGR, I said I didn't enjoy it.

I liked the protagonist contrary to all the tears shed by many.

Also, terrible writing? What about MGR with some of the worst dialogue in gaming. Look at the last boss battle for proof. It was so terrible. The game literally lost the plot at the end.

Boss battles were too easy and yeah the plot itself was clichéd but DMC was enjoyable for me and I liked the whole limbo setting.

Lord_Sloth1447d ago

No, there are criticisms that prove the game's mediocrity. The voice acting was sub-par, the combat was...Alright until they take away your freedom with weapon specific enemies all the time. The music was absolutely terrible. The plot is the absolute worst. The VA is decent but the characters and writing are bad. Let's ignore the worst PR job in history.
The game isn't appealing even not as a DMC installment.

I had hoped for more from the Heavenly Sword team. The gameplay improves upon HS but is still a big step down from DMC. I hope NT takes what they've learned and go back to Nariko.

JackVagina1447d ago

Why does DMC have a higher meta then MGS:R? oh thats right, cause reviewers arnt stupid little butthurt crybabys like yous and went into the game with an open mind

InTheLab1447d ago

I hated almost everything about DMC aside from the story which was crippled by unlikeable characters.

And the boss battles were terrible...especially the aborted baby and Bob.

Irishguy951447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

dmc felt like Heavenly sword. The combat system was pretty much Heavenly swords successor. Same dev so what would you expect?

The game didn't match up to old DMCs but it was still very good. I didn't like the characters though either. Dante was alright in the end, but Vergil was a big goddamn ******. Even so, their boss battle at the end was good. And I suppose despite Vergil being a big goddamn ******, he was an interesting character, although I was surprised for him to have the balls to fight Dante, he was very weak compared to Dante in this game

Also yeah the game did have some bad writing and one liners from Dante, but it also had some good one liners and writing.

I liked MGR a decent amount too. Loved the way it wasn't your typical Action game and had the environment and stealth options.

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LoaMcLoa1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Vork is one of those guys who didn't like Dante's new haircut.

trickman8881447d ago

Nah, he's probably one of the guy's who like good games, instead of terrible abominations to gaming.

Thus, he described DmC perfectly.

Unlimax1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

You mean this new Dante that look like Justin bieber with his terrible awful facial expressions that has 0% to do with the original Dante .. Gotcha !

vork771447d ago

i like games like yakuza series batman and devil may cry 1-4 DmC is too easy and the characters is just unlikable

JsonHenry1447d ago

I had my doubts about the reboot. But I gotta say when I picked it up super cheap on the Steam Winter sale that I really liked the game. The attitude, the story, the voice acting, the music, the gameplay. Its all there. And for the price I paid to get it I certainly am happy with my purchase.

GenericNameHere1447d ago

Oh, come on. DmC was WAY better than DMC2. I got the game for free on Plus, and found some enjoyment in the game.

Anyways, if there was 2012 list, I would include Binary Domain. It's been free on PS+ since last year, but recently just played and finished it. And WOW! That game was so awesome. Graphics were great, characters were diverse and had personality, and the boss fights were incredible. The production value was just great all around. Such a shame it sold less than 500K combined on both PS3 and X360. I would have liked a sequel.

Arkardo1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I think the same about Binary Domain, very underrated game it was fun, and for free it was a very welcome surprise for me.

TheRealHeisenberg1447d ago

PS+ is the only reason I played this DMC and I must say I enjoyed it. I think the others are clearly superior to this version but this was a worthy attempt at a reboot.

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MegaSackman1447d ago

Here is my top 2 game of the year that none have played: The Swapper.

Nerdmaster1447d ago

I really want to play A Wolf Among Us, but I'll wait until they release all the episodes. I don't want to feel the same way I'm feeling towards Walking Dead Season 2 ("I want to know happens next, but I want it right now!!"). I'm glad I bought Season 1 only after all the episodes were released.

ShockUltraslash1447d ago

LOL DmC got outsold by the DMC HD collection!

Here is something that sums up what is wrong with DmC
I think the style meter is too easy to fill up. It's better than it was at launch but still a little strange, to say the least.

The bosses are bad. They look nice but they're either so easy it hurts (Bob Barbas, Succubus, Mundus) or glitchy/cheap at times with phantom hits and animations not telegraphing the correct attacks (Mundus Spawn, Vergil, Hollow Vergil).

Kablooey does too much damage. Demon dodging increases that damage. Devil Trigger increases that damage. The Hunter practically dies in one full salvo with that combo.

Elemental enemies restrict combo creativity in combat, breaking the flow and making a creative string of attacks stumble into the same few damaging angel attacks to kill the Rage that popped up (which have far too much health, really, considering what we're being forced to kill them with).

Environmental hazards are poorly implemented. I can't remember a single instance in a past DMC where I had to worry about falling to my death and losing an arbitrary chunk of my health.

No lock-on makes dealing with flying enemies unbearable. Harpies especially when there are other enemies on the ground, as they have a lot of health, attack quickly and do a lot of damage - not to mention they can make themselves temporarily invulnerable to damage on a whim and are very hard to grab like that.

Devil Trigger for Dante is your "I don't feel like dealing with your elemental enemy nonsense, Ninja Theory" button, and doubles as your "And also you're immobilized and I kill you in ten hits max thanks to this outrageous damage boost" button. DT for Vergil is actually quite fun and balanced.

The solution to every problem might as well be "Trillion Stabs, Kablooey, Arbiter Trinity Smash".

The story is also rather weak when you look at it objectively, though Vergil is the most interesting character of the bunch

Here is video explaining things

ShockUltraslash1447d ago

Am I butthurt because I did not pay for a game I did not like?

rezzah1447d ago

Nice logical response.

- bubble for immaturity.

InTheLab1447d ago

Perfect. You got it exactly right. Of course the dude that just disagreed with you will call you out for not like Dante's hair or something equally ridiculous despite this clear and concise post of what is wrong with DMC and why it's a mediocre game.

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