PES to be 'totally changed' for PES 2015

PES is to be "totally changed" for this year's release, Konami has revealed, citing 2014 as a "transitional year for the franchise".

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wantedboys1507d ago

they said the same thing last year

hennessey861507d ago

we have been hearing this for a while now, PES was my favorite football game last gen. But all of them this gen have been a let down.

NVIDIAGeek1507d ago

They thought FOX engine would be a drastic improvement, turned out to be a bummer. Hopefully, they'll make it better this time.

afterMoth1507d ago

I just want 2013's gameplay with crisp 1080p graphics on the PS4. Of course they can implement some more fine touches and add a freaking season mode!!

ramiuk11507d ago

IMO the licensing is the major issue woth PES,while ever fifa has it they will be behind

pete0071507d ago

smoke patch!! and it turns to be alot better then fifa

pompombrum1507d ago

*yawn* "this year is going to be totally different" "It's running on a new engine" "this version is finally the next gen engine we've been waiting for" ... it's all we've heard EVERY SINGLE YEAR for the last 6-7 years. I think it's time they get a new marketing/PR team.

Angerfist1507d ago

PES 2014 is better in the sense of realism then any other football game, games play like real life. The Problem is the licensing, just a few Stadiums, the few glitches and bugs and a pretty boring Menu System. They know what to do.

MoonConquistador1507d ago

Unfortunately, its the fact that they don't know what to do, and that has been their biggest issue with PES for the whole of last generation.

My last was 2010's and have played the demos of the later versions and they just can't seem to capture the magic that made it the must have footie game during the PS2 era.

iceman061506d ago

I actually agree with you. There is something that's a little more organic about the build up and scoring in PES that FIFA has yet to capture. IMO, the FOX engine is a step in the right direction. The ball physics, and to a lesser extent player physics, are pretty good. It just needs to be tweaked. I am sure that the engine was made for next gen and squeezed onto the PS3 and Xbox. So, there was bound to be issues. Their real issue is that they don't have the money to compete with EA in terms of licenses. The master league hasn't had fresh ideas in a while. And, though they patch things here and there, it just takes entirely too long.
I play both games in some form each year and choose. I purchased PES this year because I was tired of the sameness of FIFA. Sure, it was a bit of a let down, but it's not like I can't say the same for FIFA. For all of it's frills, it tends to play more like a game of 11 v. 11 hockey than soccer (football...I'm American and old habits die hard). So, there is always a trade off when deciding which one to least for me.

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