Why Bioshock Infinite Cannot Be the Game of the Year

Games writes: "BioShock Infinite has just been crowned Game of the Year (both by staff and by readers), and I cannot say I agree with the decision. A GotY should be awarded to only the best of the best, not a game with as many gaping holes in gameplay, story and design as BioShock Infinite has. I originally played through this title on Hard so some of my criticism may be screwed differently than someone who played on the lower settings. Without further ado, let us jump right in!"

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LAWSON721627d ago

Ni No Kuni should have been GOTY from everywhere that game was superb. It got better the more I played and that can not be said for many games over 50+ hrs long. Oh well it was my GOTY that is all that matters. Bioshock was my second with TLOU following very close behind.

goldwyncq1627d ago

No, it's an overrated game plagued with bad AI, uninteresting main characters (except one), generic enemy designs and a clichéd story. Not to mention that it should have ended 5 hours before the real ending. The final part of the game with the White witch just felt tacked on and was over way too quickly. It doesn't even come close to BI and TLOU in terms of quality.

franwex1627d ago

Ew, Ni No Kuni is awful dude! Well, at least you enjoyed it. So that's good I suppose.

WildArmed1627d ago

Gotta say I was betting on Ni No Kuni to get art direction. The game was beautiful, had an amazing sound score as well.

I think it was my GoTY as well!

Although to be fair, I haven't gotten around to playing TLoU and Bioshock Inf yet.

matrixman921627d ago

It was my goty..before people flip out, i did really enjoy TLOU. This kind of sci fi is just far more entertaining to me. I can admit this game was not on the technical side better than TLOU, i just enjoyed it more.

shadow18spirit1627d ago

I felt the same way as yours

lets_go_gunners1627d ago

I agree. I beat last of us with my family watching me play and we all had a blast. But I found myself playing Bioshock twice and giving away my copy of last of us.

Hicken1627d ago

It's not like any aspects of the game were fundamentally broken (coughgtavonlinecough), so there's no objective reasons why it CAN'T be game of the year.

What's left are the naturally subjective preferences of the people who played the games up for the award. Some chose Bioshock, others chose other games, but the vast majority chose The Last of Us. They could have, however, chosen any other game- Bioshock included- just as easily.

WildArmed1627d ago

Agreed, I don't know how any one can definitely say Bioshock Inf isn't GoTY material.

Irishguy951627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

1: I agree the gameplay wasn't great. Sometimes it was. Most of the time it wasn't. Towards the end it got better and better and then got bad with the ghost ****. I played it on hard too. But I wasn't **** at it. Any time there was a skyhook involved it was normally very good. And the Vigors became very useful eventually too, especially the water one.

2: You didn't understand the ending. Elizabeth is in Bookers past. Not the letuces. She cannot go for the letuces. And Elizabeth can't travel to Bookers past either without Booker being there to 'open the door'. Also, Booker didn't let her kill him. She killed him and thats it. She kills him AFTER he makes the choice of the baptism. Mean she kills the choice 'baptism' itself. Booker made a choice -> Yes to baptism, then he was killed. Booker visited the two choices. In the first one he says no. In the second one he says yes and Elizabeth kills him. That was Elizabeth shutting down the 'yes' timeline for booker. Elizabeth is also the time shifter. Elizabeth has the power to make 'variables' become 'constants'/

Also, the only Booker than becomes like Comstock is the one that is born again and gets a god complex eventually. This does not mean that all bookers that chose yes become comstock, in fact it's quite the opposite as again every choice diverges right? When Comstock decided to travel to the past he must have also decided not too. Either way the point is that Comstock himself, the one that created the city and simply cause the events of the game to occur, only came from the born again christian and any choices after that. And not all bookers that said 'no' ending up like the Main Booker that we play as did. Not all of them had Elizabeth(some would have a boy even) and some of them didn't even have a kid.

Ugh, what else

Numero 3:
Most games don't give you choices. We have to deal with that.

4: Elizabeth being invulnerable is a fault too I agree. Many others don't though. It takes away from the narrative and breaks the immersion. However it is annoying 'babysitting'. What I think is she should have some type of time bubble or some **** to protect herself from damage. Which adds to the immersion without the annoyance. The last of us is guilty of this too.

I am finished. Geez,

Final comment, lots of people never understood the story. It's not really your fault for not getting it, you had to pay real good attention to every detail at the end. However it makes perfect sense when you understand it.

What can I say

For me
Best story -> Bioshock by a mile
Best gameplay -> Tomb Raider by a mile
Over best -> The last of us.

TR had a below par story for Goty
Bioshock had too many faults in the gameplay
Tlou had both great story and overall great gameplay. So Goty

kneon1627d ago

Sorry but the ending doesn't actually work and doesn't make sense. Because they went with the many worlds interpretation of Quantum physics it doesn't matter when he's killed because there will be another world in which he wasn't killed. You can't just go to that world and kill him there because that just spawns another one in which he wasn't.

They made it impossible to have an ending that makes sense.

"If you are not completely confused by quantum mechanics, you do not understand it"

The same is true of Bioshock Infinite's ending.

Baccra171626d ago

The ending was a cop out.

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