Seven Breathtaking Fully-Orchestrated Video Game Soundtracks

UM writes: Video game soundtracks have come a long way since the Atari days. Back then, beeps and boops were all you had. Some games made do with these limitations and excelled, but others produced auditory abominations that demanded muting.

Now, though, thanks to advances in storage media, games with a big enough budget can produce soundtracks that are on par with Hollywood film scores. Video games as well as their music have really begun to come into their own within our culture. Hans Zimmer even assisted with the Modern Warfare 2 soundtrack, if that tells you anything. Going the extra mile and arranging a full, live orchestra to perform and record your game soundtrack/score instead of using samples really bumps up the production values and atmosphere. Some games have such quality orchestral soundtracks that they demand recognition by virtue of that alone.

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sonicsidewinder1571d ago

Everything Jeremy Soule does is Gold.

Total Annihilation soundtrack being his first big FULL orchestral production.