The New PSVita vs Original PSVita - PlayStation Vita Comparison

Want to see how the new PlayStation Vita shapes up against the original PlayStation Vita? Well then here's our PlayStation Vita comparison video!

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TomShoe1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )



Bigger back finger rest
Longer battery life
No screen burn in
Micro USB charging
(Hopefully) cheaper price in future


OLED is better
Non-premium finish
OG Vitas can be had for cheap

Tell me if I missed anything.

MightyNoX1483d ago

Thank you. That was helpful.

Is it just me or do the speakers look different?

dedicatedtogamers1483d ago

Doesn't it also have built-in memory?

Based on Sony's comments, I think this will allow them to drop the price more quickly. It dropped to $200 this past holiday. Maybe a drop to $170 this next holiday?

Anyway, it does look cool. I own an OLED Vita but I'm tempted to pick this up. Lotsa co-op indie games coming to Vita like Spelunky, Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, etc.

TomShoe1483d ago

Meh, the benefits of internal memory are negligible, considering the memory is useless after you get a memory card and it's not going to be good as a standalone unless you go all physical, which isn't going to happen with PS+.

Sony already said that the MSRP for the slim is already going to be sold for much less, it's just up to the retailers how much they want to sell them for. I want a Vita since I used to own a PSP, and I want to go all in on the PS ecosystem. Uncharted, Disgaea, and Sly 4 look awesome to play on Vita.

teedogg801483d ago

The select and start buttons on the new one are round and larger.

ninjahunter1483d ago

I like the slim from what ive seen, the regular vita is kinda bulky for my taste, and the extra battery life is definitely killer. I also like that its not glossed over, I really cant stand the flat gloss front on the vita, SMUDGES EVERYWHHHHERE.

But, at the same time the OLED Kicks so much ass im not really willing to compromise there.

CannonB81483d ago

Just picked up an OLED Vita, 16GB Card and Fifa 13 for £100 and couldn't be happier. I looked at a lot of comparison videos of the Vita 2000 and to be honest, I prefer the styling and feel of the old OLED model. The thicker chassis makes it better to hold. Any thinner and you would be forever accidently touching the rear screen.

Grave1482d ago

After a lot of looking and researching I decided to get the OLED version before they were gone. To me the screen's colors are much better than the new one and that was my biggest factor in my decision. I am super happy with it, no regrets.

TheDivine1482d ago

That Oled will be hard to find soon. Buy it while you can folks. The screen is well worth it. The new vita is cheaper made with worse materials. It has some benefits but not enough IMO. Sony should keep both models and maybe make a ps vita go. I'd buy another of those and I'd even like a vita xl. 7 in open baby!