The New PlayStation Vita - First Unboxing

Join Hollie as she Unboxes the New PlayStation Vita for the first time in the UK.

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Mikelarry1607d ago

it does look beautiful, if and when my original one breaks i will get a white one

ritsuka6661607d ago

Vita is dead as a door nail, and its not because it doesn't have games, or awesome hardware or lacking in any particular area except for one.

Nobody wants it.

Snookies121606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

*ahem* No.

I'd mark you as trolling, but this is still an opinion and I personally don't like down-bubbling anyone unnecessarily. Of course people want it, a lot of people have already bought one. I also know a lot of people who WANT to get the Vita, but just haven't had the funds to dedicate to it. There is a good bit of demand for it out there.

mushroomwig1606d ago

'It's still an opinion' I would normally agree but take a look at his/her comment history. Clearly a biased agenda going on there.

XisThatKid1606d ago

LOL Opinion not, This is told as a fact nobody wants it this is in fact untrue considering people are still buying them and I personally know people that want one or two. I'm not goin to down bubble off this so you gotta pass this time but it's not an opinion if your stating a fact, even if it's indeed wrong. This is just info for the board.
I personally can't care less I love my Vita and probably want a couple more for my daughter and GF.

JoGam1606d ago

I want another one. Loving my Vita Fat.

Sanquine901606d ago

Oohw please shut up! You only lick the balls of Nintendo. Keep your Nintendo agenda far away from us..

scott1821606d ago

Looks perty, I will be picking it up if it comes to the states.

JoGam1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Really liking it.

skydragoonity1606d ago

The moment has finally arrived for me to get a vita.....

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