Star Wars and Lego Team Up Again

Grab It Magazine is reporting on a brand new entre in the Lego Star Wars series, for smartphones and tablets.

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SlappingOysters1628d ago

I know there are about five of these a year now, but for the most part I find them pretty solid fun. Plus I haven't enjoyed a vertical shooter for a long, long time. Ikaruga maybe?

Octo11628d ago

Does the light really bother people that much? I generally play with the lights on so maybe thats why it does not bother me. I agree though that an option to turn it off or have it turned off when not utilized by a game would be a nice option.

abzdine1628d ago

Errrr..... What are you talking about?

Neonridr1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I am assuming he's talking about the lightbar on the DS4 controller for the PS4. The better question is, why is he bringing that up here? LOL

Agent_00_Revan1628d ago

Lol. MultiTab browsing can have its dangers and mistakes. That was actually the tab I closed before coming to this one.

Octo11628d ago

Sorry fellas. I swear I thought I was commenting on the article posted about an add on to minimize the light bar on the DS4 controller. Damn iPad.