Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z review: They really dropped the Dragon Ball on this one | Games in Asia

Although this game is a step in the right direction to capturing how a DBZ game should play, it simply falls short in too many areas to be enjoyable for more than a few hours to even the most hardcore DBZ fans.

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Blaze9291627d ago

finally an honest review

SegaGamer1627d ago

Why are the others not honest then ? Just because you don't like it it doesn't mean that everybody thinks the same.

Reviews are just the opinions of random people. If i listened to reviews then i wouldn't have played half the games i have played.

Mrcakey1626d ago

Haha I agree I don't no y why ppl r getting upset...just because they spent money on it.. The game is on ps3 with ps2 graphics one button for combo I don't no why people r lying to themselves acting like kids the game is trash if it was good would it have got 5.5 people moving like baby's crying because someone can see the game is wack

ceedubya91627d ago

CC2 should have been had the reigns on DBZ. I feel like they are the only ones that could do it justice at this point.

InTheZoneAC1627d ago

This is my first DBZ game and the moves do seem limited, but chaining attacks and setting up your balanced team is still a lot of fun. I just completed the Android Saga and I really have no complaints besides not being able to transform during battles.

sephiroth4201627d ago

I agree the moves are quite limited especially when you compare it raging blast and tenkaichi, after you finish it i'd recommend raging blast 1, its a pretty good game and you can get it for around 7 quid on amazon or play.

Skate-AK1627d ago

This is a completely different play style than any other DBZ games. In case you see another one and want to buy it.

Xof1626d ago

Basically, it's a different genre. Battle of Z is a action-combat game, but DBZ fans are a stupid lot who think every DBZ game has to be a fighter, which is why you see so many people whining about combos.

doomtrain1626d ago

well by the same logic so is your oppinion of it.

daedra1626d ago

No transformations!!!! Wtf man, this game sucked, it was like they copy pasted the moves, slight change in light. Lazy ass devs