Sony Announces PS Vita Slim Coming to Europe on February 7th

During a dedicated press conference Sony just announced that the new PCH-2000 PS Vita model, nicknamed for the occasion PS Vita Slim will come to Europe.

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hellzsupernova1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

Is that the price point people were hoping for?
Playing killzone on my vita cannot stop playing the multiplayer solid game.
Interesting to see how the vita does now.

Mikelarry1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

180 is not a bad start, now if they can drop the price of the memory cards some more....

hellzsupernova1332d ago

Yeah the memory cards suck got a huge discount from my friend who works in retail. 32 gig card and it's full. Too many games!

TomShoe1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

Not a bad start? That's $295! Hell, they ship them on Play-Asia for about $230! I thought this model was supposed to be "budget."

It's a shame too, I've never owned a Vita and I'm looking for an excuse to I can finally pick one up. Hopefully it gets a price drop here in the US. Until then, it's a no-go.

abzdine1332d ago

memory cards is the problem with Vita. I don't know why they didnt go for the memory stick like PSP or SD, it would have been much easier especially cause Vita games require big space.
Yesterday i deleted Sly and Ninja Gaiden: 6-7GB both!!!

Mikelarry1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

@ Tom

with that logic the ps4 should cost 242 pounds in the UK but it doesnt, Sony has never charged the same price across the board so i don't expect them to start now. because its 180 pounds in the UK does not automatically mean it will cost 295 dollars in America so relax.

CocoWolfie1332d ago

it originally lauched at like £230 or something, so £180 with a game is pretty good.. id buy it if they give us the white one ._.

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egidem1332d ago

This seems like a good start. I might consider grabbing one later on.

Anyone with an idea what the largest memory card size the Vita supports?

sprinterboy1332d ago

£179 is what i expected, people who thought 149 were day dreaming

majiebeast1332d ago

Lets hope they dont discontinue the normal Vita, i dont think i can go LCD after OLED.

TomShoe1332d ago

"At a briefing meeting this morning, the company confirmed the revamped handheld would launch at a suggested retail price of £180 and will replace the older, bigger Vita model as stock is exhausted."

I was gonna import, but this price ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

Gabenbrah1332d ago

1GB of storage... Seriously Sony? Even the 3DS comes with a 4GB SD card...

Ultr1332d ago

I already got one but getting a Vita with even a 4gb card sucks because you are going to change it anyway within a week or less.
So internal storage is awesome, but 4gb internal should be the minimum :/

The_Infected1332d ago

So the new slim model with cheaper LCD screen is basically $300 USD? Wow are they trying to kill this thing? How can the do so great with PS4 and so bad with this? Maybe they should leave the handheld market.

Wintersun6161332d ago

No, it's not basically $300 USD, because following that faulty logic would mean that the PS4 "is basically $575 USD". You can't directly convert a price from pounds or euros to USD and get the same price it actually costs in the US, it just doesn't work like that.

tigertron1332d ago

You can buy the superior Vita phat with games and a memory card for that price. There is no reason to buy the Slim unless you want longer battery life.

Mikelarry1332d ago

if you already own one i completely agree there is no pressure to go out of your way to get this.

sprinterboy1332d ago

Agree argos in the uk sells current model with tearaway, lbp and 8gb card for 179 ?

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