Nintendo Still Not Looking to Compete Direclty With It's Competition

Nintendo is not confident that it can the idea of achieving success via imitation.

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Concertoine1603d ago

I dont think we need 3 black boxes on the market, but until nintendo makes good use of the gamepad id prefer that over the direction they chose.

cleft51603d ago

It would be a mistake for Nintendo to directly try and compete with Sony or Microsoft, at least this generation anyways. I really like the unique stuff Nintendo is attempting. I own a PS4 and feel zero reason to own a Xbox One. I imagine that the average owner of the Xbox One feel the same about the PS4. Essentially both consoles are too similar to be bothered with owning both of them unless you are flush with cash.

Even so I look at what Nintendo is doing and will be doing and I am interested in experiencing their technology and games because they are so distinctive and unique. If they was just like everyone else I simply wouldn't care. Thats the real lesson they had to take away from the GameCube. Because the GameCube was just like everything else there wasn't enough of a compelling reason to get one for a lot of people, particularly when you looked at what Sony was doing with the PS2.

Being like everyone else would just make the WiiU into the GameCube of this generation and I don't think Nintendo wants that at all. I think they would much rather the WiiU become the 3DS of this generation.

Yep1603d ago

Nintendo would have no choice, but to try and directly compete if they couldn't come up with a way to carve out their own market.

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ELpork1603d ago

Well luckily for you, the WIIU is white.

-Foxtrot1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

We wouldn't have three black boxes, it's not about what they are on the outside it's what they are capable of and if two of those "black boxes" are similar and offer more not in terms of first party games but also third party then why would you even give the third black box a second glance.

If the Wii U was at least up to speed with the PS4 and Xbox One maybe it would have a chance but Nintendo refuse to get with the times and take a more modern approach on the market. We are well into this gen now and despite having a year head start Nintendo hasn't even got an online system to match the PSN and XBL, there best system seller last year, Super Mario 3D World, was built around the idea of co-op and you couldn't go online with it. That would of been great marketing stuff right there, "For the first time ever take you and your friends on a Mario Adventure with online 4 player co-op".

I think they've spent enough time with the Game Pad since they haven't came up with anything yet which makes it a more interesting selling point. I'd rather they just revamp the pro controller with a Gamecube styled one in time for Smash Brothers and give every Wii U game that support alongside the Pad.

Concertoine1603d ago

Well there could be a nice balance between powerful hardware and creative hardware. The dreamcast came out too early but it was powerful alongside innovation. And thats sort of what i mean, the gamecube/xbox/ps2 had a lot of the same games because there wasnt much to differentiate the systems. Because the wii was both successful and different, it got a lot of 3rd party games exclusive to that system based on the systems hardware. Thats what made the wii a good console to buy even when it was so weak.
And yeah i agree that they need to both get to times with online gaming and release a gamecube replica because people have been using that controller for over a decade lol. I would rather them keep the gamepad though, with this purported new focus.

Thepcz1603d ago

lol i knew it. typical of a fan to put a positive spin on it, even when it came right from iwata's and miyamotos mouth.

just admit defeat with wiiu, its the honorable thing to do haha

SilentNegotiator1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

"Nintendo is not confident that it can the idea of achieving success via imitation"

There's "imitation" and then there's "actually pleasing the game community". If Nintendo wants to compete...
"We CANNOT CONTINUE a business without WINNING"
--Nintendo on the Wii U, Jan. 17th 2014

...and they do, then they need to adapt. Adopting good elements isn't copycating; it's good business.

ritsuka6661603d ago

Yeah... after reading all this... Nintendo really isn't playing around anymore. HA!

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Sayai jin1603d ago

Whether or not they want to or not. They are competing to some point.

snookiegamer1603d ago

Okies then, so it's bye bye Nintendo Wii U then....alas we never knew him well at all ;/

hollabox1603d ago

God Iwata has ruined Nintendo, Reggie Amis should jump ship while his name is still good.

AntsPai1603d ago

Unfortunately Nintendo have given themselves a swollen head over the generations, they seem to think they have no competition. Probably explains why they think they can get away with underpowered hardware and releasing the same franchises over and over.

That formula is obviously working for them though, they're essentially the Apple of videogames.

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