DICE Officially Launches Mantle Update For Battlefield 4 – 1.23 GB in Size

The Mantle update for Battlefield 4 is officially geared toward AMD based hardware but will show performance improvements with both Intel and AMD processor based rigs since Mantle removes a lot of the load from the CPU to allow the GPU to run at its true potential. Users who are currently using Kaveri APUs along with GCN based graphics cards would expect a massive improvement as compared to users with FX CPUs or intel’s high-end range of processors. Do note that Mantle update doesn’t has any sort of restriction when it comes to CPU so gains are expected across both Intel and AMD based processors since it offers more in-depth utilization of the hardware.

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hiredhelp1482d ago

This makes bit more sense to me how it works. I am running a i7 2600k But with 7970 ref.. Hmm

Pain_Killer1482d ago

Performance improvement on the APUs is impressive.

imXify1482d ago

I have a laptop with i7 4800MQ and Radeon 8970m. Can't wait to see the boost. I had 45-50fps at ultra, let's hope I get 60+

tee_bag2421482d ago

Do you post on NBR? You should :)

imXify1480d ago

Yes I check NBR almost daily!
That's where I got all the feedback before buying the laptop.

codelyoko1482d ago

You wont get a lot of boost. Mantle is for Low-End CPUS. Not improving GPU Performance

RedDeadLB1482d ago

It's for all CPUs. Not just low end ones.

It lowers driver overhead on the CPU and improves draw calls, which are the main reason why Battlefield 3 and 4 are very CPU intensive.

Technically, it should basically remove draw call based CPU bottlenecking irrelevant of the CPU you have.

0ut1awed1482d ago

Hmm that's interesting. Since I don't have a AMD GPU I never really looked into the technical specs of Mantle.

I wonder how helpful it is on CPUs that are already beast, like my 3930k at 4.8ghz. Is there a ratio of performance or does it degrade towards the enthusiast level of CPUs?

Dude4201482d ago

A friend of mine has an i3 with an HD 7850, I'm actually quite interested to see the improvements he'll get. If you guys notice, the framerate is much smoother too.

Phoenix761482d ago

I would just like to see a good update for the ps4 version. Still getting lag issues and frame rate drop outs on certain maps :-( other than that I love this game. I'm a cod defector/bf convert lol