Space Pioneer IS Coming to Wii U

Yesterday it emerged that developer Space Enigma Studios was considering bringing their ambitious Space Pioneer game to the Wii U. After contacting the developer, they have now confirmed the Wii U version of the game is guaranteed should they reach their base funding goal on Kickstarter.

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DryBoneKoopa851605d ago

Sounds fun! I will have to look into it more.

Nevers0ft1605d ago

It's great news if it happens but judging from the Kickstarter page I wont be holding my breath... Having some Astronauts as consultants and pretty concept art is nothing without a decent game behind it and as far as I can tell this project is soooo early there's not even prototype they can show. I'd happily donate to the Kickstarter if they showed something, anything, to prove the game actually exists beyond a developers wet dream.

Nevers0ft1605d ago

For those of you disagreeing without replying... I hope you've invested in the Space Pioneer Kickstarter and aren't just a bunch of hypocrites.

MilkMan1605d ago

Nice, but at $60 dollars? Id rather wait for it to drop in the eShop bro. Too steep and I haven't even seen what this game plays like, only cgi vistas and concept art. A little to experimental for me and im a little gun-shy right now.

I've kickstarted quite a few of these but that's a little to much right now.