Xbox One: 1080p/60fps Not Happening Anytime Soon, Not Enough Power But Tools Will Improve - Insider

"After all the leaks and rumours regarding Xbox One exclusives like Halo 5 and Halo 2 Anniversary, Industry Insider Dodd said that we won't be seeing games running at 60 FPS and 1080p resolution any time soon."

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ShugaCane1632d ago

Why did you smile in the first place ?

Fireseed1632d ago


Idk I still see

Halo 2 AE
Crackdown 3
KI Season 2
Halo 5
Sunset Overdrive

Still smiles over here...

XtraTrstrL1632d ago


lol @ Halo 2 AE, come on, stop living in the past.

KI Season 2 - even sounds stupid. The game doesn't even resemble a KI imo, it just has a whole different feel to it.

Sunset Overdrive needs to show more before its anything to go crazy over.

MightyNoX1632d ago


Wasn't mostly Microsoft using a smoke'n'dagger techinique to lure out CBOAT? I went to sleep last night about the time the leaks came on and now I'm up and hell seems to have broken loose.

Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do.

Hatsune-Miku1632d ago

1080p @ 60fps is hard for xbox one because Microsoft focused more on making a set top box that's kinect capable limiting the budget to get a more powerful hardware. The xbox one main focuses first are kinect then it's tv function then being able to play video games.

Sony could have focused on ps eye, ps move and a lot of other things for ps4 but they focused on gaming first so they made a very powerful console that mainly focuses on gaming.

mcstorm1632d ago

@Fireseed I agree with you. Ok if so the games may not be 1080p 60fps but that is not what makes a game and never has yes games will look better but its not the looks that makes the game good its the gameplay and story plus some of the best looking games are not 1080p 60fps. Example Mario Galaxy.

If the game makes me feel happy when playing it that's what I get it for. I have never bought a game because its the best looking game ever. I always get a game because its what I want in a game and that will not change this gen too.

I own a WiiU and Xbox one at the moment as they offer the games I want and once some of the games I want on the PS4 come out I will also get a PS4 too. I own a 3DS too and did own a PSV but the PSV did not offer me the games I wanted so I got read of it and if the games come out for it I will pick one up.

People should not be buying a console because it has the most power they should be buying a console because it offers them the games they want it.

If the PS4 is the console that offers that then get the ps4 if its the xbox one get the xbox one if its the Wiiu get the Wiiu. We all got into gaming for the same reason because we enjoy it so stop with the bitching and go and enjoy your console and games you like and let others do the same.

malokevi1632d ago

I'm not smiling. Since when did people start regarding every rumour out of NEOgaf as fact? I wont hold my breath.

Seems like Xbox One already has games that do 1080p/60fps. Do articles like these play on the hopes of fools?

zebramocha1632d ago

@mcstorm You are looking at it in the wrong way,Sony had efficiency problems with the ps3 and corrected it with their next gen console,Ms was coming off the success of the 360,even if power wasn't the selling point but inclusion of kinect with an highly integrated OS,I assuming it wouldn't be difficult prioritize both casual and core aspect about gaming but their choice was to make the xbone a casual device that could do gaming instead of a gaming device with casual aspects.

thejigisup1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )


"People should not be buying a console because it has the most power they should be buying a console because it offers them the games they want it. "

Hardware before software. If you build it they will come. The hardware in the ps4 allows more freedom and more room to play for the developers. Games down the road are going to be more intense, have a much more fleshed out feeling, hopefully developers take pride in their work and want to put the best product out there. In order to do that you need the best hardware. kinda like a chef, he needs the best cutlery, the best ingredients, to make the best dish. thats why naughty dog rocks so many socks.
the games i want will be on the ps4.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31632d ago

Forza is 1080p/60fps so there goes that...

redwin1632d ago

I got them both and I'm glad I got the Xbox One. It feels good to play on it and it got lots of good games. Sony has good games too but if all you have to talk about is this 1080/60 thing while some other people are playing Ghost before you, and they are enjoying TitanFall and Halo 2, 10 year anniversary, you got a problem. I like my ps4 but they got to stop talking about this and stop selling me another service on top of my playstation Plus, just to play games I already own from them' (playstation now). You can disagree with me but MS is not the one that came out first trying to sell you a different online service on top of the one that you already have. Thank you, Sony , for the superior gfx and thank you for a better online service, now don't get greedy. Now I wish that those games that they let you rent on playstation plus, that's what they are because you don't get to keep them if you leave the service, they let you have them if you let your service lapse. Although I'm not planning to leave the service, ever .

mewhy321632d ago

Finally an article author that isn't afraid to state what we've all know sine these machines released onto the market. PS4 regularly runs it's software at 1080p 60fps but the bone usually tops out at 900p and accomplishes that with lower quality texutres, pared back effects, and variable resolution framebuffers. Games still look great on the bone but not so much when compared side by side with the PS4.

Fireseed1632d ago


Living in the past? Isn't you who keeps nagging for a HD Secret of Mana? Hypocrite. But it's ok if you don't like KI... but don't boldface lie there when we all know KI feels EXACTLY like a KI game, from combo flow, to aesthetics.


Couldn't agree more! Sure 720p isn't "Full HD" but honestly I don't give a crap. As long as the games are fun. I mean maybe it's just cause I come from a PC background where at one point I used to have to play almost all my game at 800x600 at lowest settings... but now I have a rig that can play Crysis 3 at 4k and dip no lower than 50 fps. I've lived without graphics for the longest time and that allowed the design and game play to float to the top.

Deividas1632d ago

@ WrAiTh Sp3cTr3

Gran Tursimo 6 is also 1080p/60fps and thats on a PS3. Racing games can easily be 1080p and 60FPS because its a small scale level to level and dont have much to render besides the car and track. IF you honestly measuring the Xbox Ones power based on how a racing sim looks....your in for a hell of surprise when games keep getting more visually demanding....

VENOMACR12271632d ago

I'll enjoy my 720 while playing Titanfall, Halo, Gears, Fable, Quantum Break, and any other X1 exclusive. I bought the system I think has the best games. Doesnt matter if the PS4 can play everything in 1080 and 60 fps if they don't have the games to back it up.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31632d ago

I should have stated that Forza is FULL 1080p HD locked 60fps, because GT6 is not.

nukeitall1632d ago

1080p native wit 60fps proven on Xbox One with Forza 5. Keep in mind DriveClub for PS4 when announced ran at 30fps and aimuing for 60fps.

With more time, better results on either console.

nukeitall1632d ago Show
MysticStrummer1632d ago

"Seems like Xbox One already has games that do 1080p/60fps. Do articles like these play on the hopes of fools?"

It's easy to say "XB1 does 1080p/60fps" and leave it at that without considering the competition or what kind of game is being run. It's not so easy to say "XB1 will do 1080p/60fps on any game the competition will" because we all know it's not true and it will continue to be not true. Tools will improve but the tech won't, and the competition's tools will also improve.

Headlines play on the emotions of fanboys, but the point is valid nonetheless. XB1 is simply weaker and that won't change.

H0RSE1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )


"Hardware before software. If you build it they will come."

- funny how how the Wii outsold both PS3 and 360...

That being said, the differences between multiplats thus far, are negligible. Watching comparison vids, there is no definitive winner - the consoles trade blows with one another. If the PS4 had as big of a power difference over the X1 as many claim, then it wouldn't even be debatable which version looks/runs better, but that hasn't been the case.

I have yet to see a case where PS4 looks so much better than X1 that it's embarrassing, which many seem to imply is actually going on, which their "superior hardware" talk.

MetaReapre1632d ago

Coming to terms with things, the xb1 isn't all that bad for not being able to make all games 1080p, it's not technically needed as long as its not standard definition. However, 60fps is amazing for smooth gameplay and actually is amazing to have. I mean i just upgraded my ps3 tomb raider to ps4 version (via eb games)and that 60fps does make a difference.

Thatlalala1632d ago

One leak and xbox fans are cocky? Lol. Flipping hilarious, you realize you are hilarious.... Like ANY of those games matter. Sorry but this is a joke right?

Utalkin2me1632d ago

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3

And did you see all the sacrifices Forza 5 had to make to achieve it? Racing games are the lowest on demand then fps,tps and such.

dantesparda1632d ago


Seriously? You're gonna spew that sh1t? Let's see:

COD has a 125% resolution advantage.

BF4 has a 56% resolution advantage and has a better framerate average than the X1.

AC4 has 44% res advantage and better AA.

TRDE has a 66% advantage in framerate (50 average vs 30) and a 44% res advantage in cut-scenes. plus better anisotropic filtering and better textures in places and more use of DOF

But not of those are big enough for ya eh? Those are huge gains over the X1. And only dumb fanboys would say otherwise. The X1 can barely do 900/30fps in their own exclusives

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

"And did you see all the sacrifices Forza 5 had to make to achieve it? Racing games are the lowest on demand then fps,tps and such."

Who tells you people this type of stuff? All of a sudden you Sony fans are all devs? If you were to tell me this concerning a 2D fighting game, I'd be more likely conviced of you and other's comments. As a matter of fact, bring back a link stating that racing games are any less demanding than shooters, from an actual dev and I'll agree with you, until then, don't waste you're time spinning and twisting scenarios to your favor. It's funny because you guys hype up iphone type games that some happy go lucky indie dev is making exclusive to the PS4--all because it's "1080p/60fps"....... it's SOOOOO lame, lol.

Another point I would like to make is concerning YOUR points on Forza having to cut back on stuff and my point of GT6 not being full hd nor 60fps. If racing games are less demanding than other genres, then why the cuts? Your entire argument along with other sony fans on this article is completely contradictory if you and everyone else pays attention to it....

Prime1571632d ago

@horse "@thejigisup

"Hardware before software. If you build it they will come."

- funny how how the Wii outsold both PS3 and 360... "

That has too many other variables to be offered as a counter-point. The biggest is that the wii's highest output signal was still sub-hd. Next is the way Nintendo does business.


I love the self righteous people like you on n4g.

ZombieKiller1632d ago

Sorry Fireseed but seasons belong to TV shows. Adding a season 2 is a way for them to charge you more money....
even if it is Killer Instinct. Which honestly, looks awesome. I just can't justify getting one because of it being on the xbox. Microsoft loves to rip people off.

Sorry but you are a dollar sign to them, not a gamer.

H0RSE1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )


You can spout percentages all day, like many do, but unless you can explain what those percentages actually equate to in real world benefits, they mean little. Spouting off bold claims such as "125% resolution advantage" looks impressive, but what does it actually entail, because looking at simple comparison vids, the game does not look 125% clearer than the X1 version... You are not accounting for diminishing returns, and the fact that the human eye can only see so much. Many like to post these percentages, without actually knowing what exactly they mean - they are simply feeding off the "wow factor" those "big numbers" bring with them, to feed their ego and fuel their arguments.

You also need to account for the fact that lower res games can look better than higher res ones. Ex - A 1080p game with low res textures, vs a 720p game with high res textures.

ambientFLIER1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Wraith -

I agree with you 100%. Sony fanboys love to bullshit about how easy racing games are on systems, yet that's a lie. If they were so easy, GT6 would be in 1920x1080 instead of 1440x1080 and a locked 60fps and wouldn't have to drop down to 30fps when a bunch of cars are on the screen, and Forza would use fully animated 3d crowds and weather and real-time lighting and all that. All these armchair developers are borderline trolls that think they have a clue about what they're saying.

Real gamers own all the systems instead of acting like the PR manager for one particular company and embarrassing themselves on the forums on a daily basis.

kopicha1632d ago


by your logic, then in the first place, they dont even need to release a new console. And no one needs the upgrade. Just continue to use the same console and keep pushing out new games will do. That way is good for them too, established install base, familiar hardware, cheap, and need not waste money on R&D for new hardware, just spend those money for game developement will do. Why make new consoles? Stop making it looks like graphics really dont mean anything to a game. Game play are important, so are the graphics. Anyone saying otherwise is just a liar. Majority will like to play TitanFall on PC/XB1 over 360. If someone say otherwise is just a liar. Same to people would want to play BF4 on PC/XB1/PS4 over PS3/360 if they can. Especially if you are already on the next gen consoles, would it even make sense to play game with graphics quality from last gen? You are going to tell me it is okay if the game is good? While I can tell you those who said it is okay are also the same person on the internet complaining that the game graphics could have been better.

kopicha1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )


what's new, during last gen, when there is a small minor differences in 360 version of the game where they have slightly better in something. They call PS3 version of the game being INFERIOR version because PS3 is a inferior console. Despite the different is so small that you unlikely even going to notice when you playing the game unless you are staring at still screen shots side by side to pin point the fault. With this gen the difference at times can go over 10x the difference when compare to how different they are during last gen. Now they say that there is no difference at all. They dont matter and they still have the "Better" version. This is nothing new. Just have to get used to it.

BlackTar1871632d ago


That is the best part. Last gen Xbox people touted a shadow from a light pole and said SUPERIOR we are so SUPERIOR. Grass is greener SUPERIOR. How many comparison websites popped up last gen(this is the kicker and the funniest part) Look no further then Ghostbusters for the most extreme smear campaign on a game by the 360 camp and all the 360 camp websites.

Everyone proclaimed how superior Multi plat games were and for some min you above 80% of them the difference was impossible to see running in real time and would take a trained eye to see them in stills.

Now the tables turned and xbox players are saying nope don't matter (what ps3 players said) the difference is PS3 at least see this problem removed and for the better so they fire back the same response. Xbox sees it flip side but not equally and the difference is bigger then Ps3 to 360 and now its all about game play and Inferior now is just a word that doesn't carry weight.

You have to laugh at people saying it doesn't matter then running a search on N4g and NeoGaf of all the multi pla websites xbox superior post and the amount of 360 fans commenting and writing new articles on their sites.

Its amazing.

loulou1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

you can always count on the GAF "insiders" for some negative xbox stuff.

although, i am sure microsoft wished they had fucked Mattrick off before he got his xb1!!

the ps4 trumps that it in every metric, and is 100 cheaper.

microsoft fucked up royally, and have put themselves right back to where they were in 2001

clouds51632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

"Forza is 1080p/60fps so there goes that..."

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3:

WHAT!? You didn't praise the PS4 in your comment on N4G? We will all disagree with you even though you speak the truth and are just stating a fact. There goes that...

Bob Dole1631d ago

"You can disagree with me but MS is not the one that came out first trying to sell you a different online service on top of the one that you already have."

uhm.... wat?

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1632d ago

But Forza is 1080p 60fps... I'm not sure what his point is.

iceman13461632d ago

it's a racing game my forza 5 had some of the massive downgrade i have ever seen in a yeah it would be impossible to do it without a downgrade

Az1mov1632d ago

Forza graphics have been downgraded since the E3 demo. go check it out and compare. that's your reason why it's running at 60fps 1080p

one example

Letthewookiewin1632d ago

There are huge graphical cutbacks.

ZeoN1632d ago

it says 1080p but when im playing it resembles last gen so much. i dont think Forza is a true 1080p game because it dont look it from every aspect of it

rakentaja1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

FM5 - But if you look at the track-side .. it looks terrible. They used a very low textures to get the game to work at 1080/60. Everything is from paper..even the cars around track..not to mention the audience. This clearly shows that the game is running barely on those spec's and did not have the horsepower, that the entire game would have looked good.

Akuma071632d ago

Racing games are nowhere near as graphic intensive as other genres. Like not even remotely close.

Cuzzo631632d ago

As the guys stated its all true but dont take our word for it, go do your own investigation.

JOEgolferG1632d ago

Its only just ahead of GT6 graphically since its release.

reaperofsouls1632d ago

i imagine that titanfail will notbe anywhere near the E3 demo in terms of graphical fidelity after viewing Az1mov borza 5 link on youtube


There are not huge graphical diffrences between the E3 and Retail versions!? Turn 10 stated Most People off track were 2d vs 3d and particle effects were cut back, if you all want to call those "Huge" differences then go ahead lol

MysticStrummer1632d ago

Forza looks like an upscaled last gen game. The cars look nice, but overall it doesn't look truly next gen. Now we have the whole Tomb Raider debacle, a game that is one step above a simple upscale from last gen, and XB1 got the low end of performance there. Then we have the other multi plats that don't perform as well on XB1. I'd say his point is clear. It's easy to say XB1 can do 1080p and just leave it at that. It's not so easy to say XB1 will do 1080p on any game it's competition will. We've already seen that it can't. Tool will improve but the tech won't, and the competition's tools will improve also.

tagan8tr1632d ago

I can't wait to see the xbox 360/XB1 comparison of Titanfall I bet they look almost identical lol...

cell9891632d ago

dude that game is riding (no pun intended) on last gen graphic techniques

ambientFLIER1632d ago

"Racing games are nowhere near as graphic intensive as other genres. Like not even remotely close."


You guys are so clueless it's sad. 16 high-poly cars on the screen, real time reflections, massive physics calculation multiple times a second, AI, etc etc.

If racing games are not graphic-intensive, then why can't GT6 run in 1920x1080, and why does it go down to 30fps with a bunch of cars on screen? Why would Forza use cutout crowds, I mean if it's not graphics intensive, then they wouldn't have to downgrade anything, right? You guys contradict yourselves...

H0RSE1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


"Forza graphics have been downgraded since the E3 demo. go check it out and compare. that's your reason why it's running at 60fps 1080p"

- But it still runs at native 1080p/60fps, so his point is still valid... what you are saying just helps to illustrate what I said above:

"lower res games can look better than higher res ones. Ex - A 1080p game with low res textures, vs a 720p game with high res textures."

- if the dropped Forza to 720p, yet boosted the res of the textures, it could have looked better than it does now. 1080p is not always the pinnacle achievement to aim for.

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Az1mov1632d ago

Microsoft would sell their grandmas if they could.

“Cloud won’t help with rendering. Not for half a decade at minimum. As for 1080p/60fps – not anytime soon but tools will improve.”

otherZinc1632d ago

Forza 5: Is the ONLY next gen game thet runs 1080p "native" 60fps in BOTH online & offline modes, Piriod!

When you're talking [email protected] 60fps on PS4 in BOTH modes, it's a port of a Last Gen game.

If I'm wrong, what PS4 games run 1080p @ 60fps?

johndoe112111632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

What part of huge graphical downgrade don't you get? Resogun does but you'll say "resogun doesn't count because its a side shooter indie game". If that is what you're thinking then the same principle can be applied to forza.

They had to make major graphical cut backs on forza to achieve 1080p 60fps. Cardboard cutouts, baked lighting the retail build was vastly different than the E3 demo.

If drive club comes out and has the same graphical downgrade as forza then your case will be valid but if it doesn't that is a testimony to the immensely weak hardware of the xbox one.

Also, there were third party multiplat games that were 1080p 60fps I believe(someone can correct me if i'm wrong on that) but again, they were not graphically intensive games.

n4rc1632d ago

Resogun.. Cmon... Its a 30 yr old arcade game with a paint job.. If were going to talk about how racing games dont really count then that sure as hell doesn't either

Master-H1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

CoD Ghosts, Tomb Raider, Trine 2,FIFA Soccer 14,NBA 2K14 ? Lul

Christopher1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

DCUO is 1080p and 60 fps on PS4.

And, it's open world and an MMO. While it may not be graphically on par to latest releases, it has a heck of a lot more going on at all times than a racing game and is an action game that relies on response and working with groups of people online in an environment with a ton of particle/lighting effects.

Just saying.

johndoe112111632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )


That comment about a 30 year old game with a paint job is the most idiotic nonsensical sorry excuse for an argument I have ever seen. The same can be said for the first tomb raider and the current one or metal gear on the NES and the one being developed now.

How old a game is and where it started has absolutely NOTHING to do with the current design of modern games. And if you want to use that logic I can say the same for forza motorsport on the original xbox and forza 5. Of course xbone can run forza 5 at 1080p 60fps, it's an old xbox game with a paint job. But i'm sure your senseless logic will somehow not apply to forza right?

And for everyone who thinks that resogun is just a simple side scrolling arcade game:

Housemarque-"Each level is build by almost 200.000.000 voxels, the little cubes you see flying around in the screenshots. Each of them has independent lighting and responds realistically to physics… that means you can dismantle a level almost cube by cube. That kind of approach requires a PS4 if you want to run the game at 1080p and 60fps."


@The Rell, Resogun is hardly pushing any graphic benchmarks lol

larrysdirtydrawss1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

that's because the graphics on forza look like horse balls,and made/took a million shortcuts.... ms took that same game of tomb raider and made it average just under 30fps average,while sony made it 51fps avg and looks better

cyber_daemonx1632d ago

@n4rc, '30 old arcade game with a paint job' which just happened to get a higher critical score than every bone launch title lol. And it runs at 1080/60, the bone would probably struggle to get it to 720/15.

scott1821632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

lol, resogun is doing a ton more on screen than forza, no comparison. I love how people downplay it and it's miles ahead of forza technically. Plus they almost got that beast of a game killzone sf to a constant 60 fps in 1080p on and offline, that's MUCHH more impressive.

Multiplats are the only true way to compare systems with similar hardware, ps4 comes out way ahead every time... make excuses all day for that.

cbuc11251632d ago

welp...looks like @theRell just shut you up.

dantesparda1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Wow, each new MS fanboys get more delusional than the last (im talking about you otherzinc)


Forza 5, lmao


DCUO is not 60fps, its not even a smooth 30fps on the PS4


"Resogun is hardly pushing any graphic benchmarks", neither is Forza 5

DigitalRaptor1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

@ otherZinc

You just got owned by johndoe11211. Are those sacrifices, downgrades and last-gen techniques worth the 1080/60fps "boast" on a next-gen machine, especially when it comes with lackluster content to boot?

When Forza 5 pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a next-generation racing game AND outputs at native 1080p and runs at 60fps, give me a shout.

@ n4rc

You clearly don't even know what Resogun is doing with the hardware, so I suggest you either read up on it on Eurogamer, or play it yourself. johndoes11211 also owned your ass in that regard.

I'm sick of these bottom of the barrel, redundant arguments from Xbox fanboys who have absolutely no idea what they're talking about, and consistently miss the point.

n4rc1631d ago

Lmao... I love how you boys love twisting what people say to make your point.

Everyone of you is all on here claiming its easy for a racer to hit 1080/60 yet want to say a side scroller with pretty light on little cubes is exempt from your own logic..

But you want to pretend I made that assumption? Whatever makes you feel better.. Youre an insecure bunch.. Lol

I never said it was a bad game.. I said if racers are too easy to be considered a real test then resogun fits that bill too.. But I don't agree with that anyways.. Both games are deserving of what they accomplish