Insider: PS4/Xbox One WW Margin To Be Huge In March

Renown insider Pete Dodd just voiced his predictions: he expects the sales margin between PS4 and Xbox One to be huge coming March.

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ShugaCane1483d ago

Obviously. Even though Titanfall will certainly be a huge success for Microsoft, it won't be able to compete with both Second Son AND the massive launch that is expected in Japan. Global PS4 sales will skyrocket in the months to come. And that will be deserved.

Alexious1483d ago

I anticipate most of the sales for Titanfall will be on Xbox 360 and PC, not Xbox One.

Xbox 360 still has a huge install base, hardcore gamers who want maximum graphics will go for PC.

abzdine1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

PS4 releases in Japan in under 3 weeks, that explains that as well.
Stocks are starting to be back to normal again on PS4 side and that means a boom in sales worldwide.

Mikefizzled1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

People keep saying this. Preorder numbers are showing that Xbox One Titanfall has double the combined preorders of 360 and PC.

TomShoe1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

@Mike I always found that strange considering the 360 has about 20 million active XBL users compared to the XBOs 3 million.

MS is really committed to keeping the 360 and PC versions hush-hush.

joab7771483d ago

Forget where MS will b in March. Its . Where they r in April and May b/c if Tiranga doesnt catch them up, they may have a problem in the short term. Though Sony proved last gen that a turn around is always possible.

And other than Titanfall, I do believe Project Spark could b something very special. For now, I am very happy with my ps4.

JEECE1483d ago

Agree, Project Spark and Quantum Break look sweet, if they drop Kinect and bring out a cheaper SKU I could definitely be tempted. It may be that I'll have to wait for 2015 for that though.

odderz1483d ago

Yeah, Titanfall and Project Spark both look very good, but I'm going to play them on my PC.

Do you see where the problem is? Driveclub and Infamous: Second Son, on the other hand, are real exclusives.

vlashyr1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Yes but I'll get both those titles for PC, not Xbox One.

I agree about the turn around though, let's hope Microsoft learns from all of this like Sony did!

Aurenar1483d ago

Agreed. And if E3 is as huge as Sony is teasing in terms of announcements...They just need to keep momentum rolling at this point.

vlashyr1483d ago

Man, if they show TLG running on PS4 at [email protected]*faints*

seanpitt231483d ago

Yeah Sony has done everything right this time around and Microsoft has done what Sony did last time. Sony deserves it.

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infectedaztec1483d ago

There will definitely be a Titanfall XB1 edition released with the game thrown in free. I honestly don't mind Sony doing better (I may get a PS4 anyway) provided the investment in the xbox one doesn't waver

UncleGermrod1483d ago

MS has done pretty good so far considering. I think most of this is just due to the fact that ps4 is doing that much better. MS sees that they are losing market share, and i think that's why we are starting to here more about games as far as leaks go. I mean ps4 has its own games to be excited for this year, and so MS deff needs to start hitting us with more info on their 2014 exclusives.

Pretty crazy how badly they fucked themselves. Not to say they wont be successful, especially if they keep pushing for more exclusives, but I dont think many people would have predicted this kind of lead for sony before e3.

Again, the weaker hardware thing will only go so far, and if MS pumps out pretty exclusives at a good rate than over the years they should be able to hang in there. I love my xb1, and I will continue to do most of my online gaming on it, as well as play their big exclusives. But I just got my ps4 a few days back and I can see how they really nailed it this time. Both systems are really good, I guess MS just needs to patch up their public image right now.

cyhm31121483d ago

for MS, too little too late to do anything significant right now. You know what, games take years to develop!! More so for new IPs!! It is not like say MS thinks ok we have a problem here, our hardware is a lot weaker, we have to make more games to compensate, then suddenly there are lots of games coming out in the next years or so for xbone!!! They have to plan these games yrs b4 the console launch!! They didn't focus on games because of this media hub idea, it is not like you can change it 180 degree easily.

mhunterjr1483d ago

It's hard to say they didn't focus on games. Their AAA games at launch were better reviewed than Sony's. And they have a steady stream of highly anticipated 1st and 3rd party exclusives coming out in 2014. Now we're hearing about titles they plan to launch in 2015 and beyond. They clearly are focused on delivering quality software, the media applications haven't stood in the way of that. Where they come up short is hardware and price.

UncleGermrod1483d ago

you're too pessimistic. they are seemingly very focused on games. so far i am more hyped for the MS line up. I mean both have me psyched, but you make it sound way worse than it is. They clearly are focused on games, and my point really was just that is they can deliver than surely they will succeed...even if it is in second place. also, i dont think the hardware diffs are big enough to sway the less hardcore audiences...price will do that.

and the whole media thing may become really great as it evolves overtime

Aurenar1483d ago

The fundamental issue with Microsoft is that they seem to think they're okay with third party exclusives, but they're not. Not in the long term anyway.

Building a quality roster of first party studios is key.

Aurenar1483d ago

The craziest thing is how they manage to lose on all fronts. There's not a single thing they were able to do better than Sony this time around...

Charybdis1483d ago

Think there will be a large margin between xb1 and ps4. Not only due to the number of countries in which the consoles have been released. (both or released in the 'major' countries except japan)
Ps4 simply has built a much better momentum.

Alexious1483d ago

The game flow on PS4 hasn't even started, which is really worrying for Microsoft.

When a ton of great games finally hits PS4, the console will sell like hotcakes.

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