Black Tusk Studios has the Most Impressive Xbox One Tech; Could Define Next Gen According to Insider

Ashan Rasheed, well known as Thuway on twitter and NeoGaf always had a quite good track record with the information he gets to his sources, and according a recent tweet Black Tusk Studios, currently working on the next Gears of War game, should not be underestimated.

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The Meerkat1634d ago

As long as they stick to the Gears formula and don't try and chase the COD / Halo players.

Keep the gameplay like a blood soaked game of chess and don't make it into a twitch shooter.

I've now resigned to the fact that I will now have to get an XB1 and the console war has suddenly vanished from my mind.

aviator1891634d ago

Judgement went the COD route and look how that turned out. I hated the mp of that game and the population dropped in tons.
I'd say the only thing to really improve in the series (building up from gears 3) is the story.

KingDadXVI1633d ago

I agree that for MP they need to stick close to their roots but it is pretty much impossible to have a twitch shooter with a 3rd person game.

I would not lump Halo in with COD as it was a great MP game until Halo 4 tried to copy COD.

Halo and Gears were my favourite MP games until they tried to hang on COD's coat tails.

1OddWorld1634d ago

This insider needs to have his head examined if he thinks gears will define next gen.

SixtyNine1634d ago

Did gears not define last gen when it first released on 360. . 2007 was it? What makes it impossible now?

1OddWorld1634d ago

I have a problem when they say it will define next gen is all. With all the new Ip's on the horizon I just don't see it.

CYBERHATER1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

@TvelveBithero. Its old.

ABizzel11634d ago


Maybe for Xbox 360, but not PS3, Wii, or PC.

Those go to Uncharted 2/The Last of Us, Wii Sports/MArio Galaxy, and "Can it run Crysis."

Even then it's arguable that Call of Duty did more for the Xbox, than GEars of Halo.

Sayai jin1633d ago

@Abizzel1- Did you not notice he said when it was first launched in 2007. If you look back at that time frame it was well known that Gears showed a leap in graphics. He did not say for the entire gen.

ABizzel11633d ago

@Sayai jin

Did you not see I said "Maybe on 360".

How did it define anything on PS, Nintendo, or PC. And even then Oblivion took home GOTY honors that year, with Gears and Twilight Princess fighting for 2nd / 3rd.

How is an XB exclusive defining gaming, especially on PS3, Wii, and PC. And it was 2006 not 2007.

Sayai jin1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

That's subjective; it depends on what site or gaming award. Gears took GOTY from sites as well. Also, GOTY does not mean that it set a new benchmark. A game might not even get good reviews, but let's say it adds a new style of cover system or changes 1st person shooter,it can set a new benchmark and define a new etch in gaming. It was well known for the best graphics at it's launch time. That's how. A quick search will show you many articles about it being a early definer in next gen (last gen). A game can define gaming due to setting a new benchmark in graphics, game play, innovative features, etc.

I did not say you did not say "maybe on the 360".

I meant 2006. So are you saying that a PC or PS or Nintendo exclusive can't define gaming?

ABizzel11633d ago


What did it define?

Cover system was done before. TPS were done.

It was a system seller, because it was a good game. It was one of the first to show real "Next-gen" graphics, and it was the introduction of the bro shooter.

There was no revolution. It was a great game, but it wasn't revolutionary.

That may be revolutionary to you, but IMO it's not.

Sayai jin1633d ago

Abi- You answered the questions yourself. It defined and showed what and where next gen graphics were going.

You never answered my question...So are you saying that a PC, Nintendo, or Sony exclusive can or can't define gaming?

ABizzel11632d ago

But PC had been showing that graphically for the longest. It was the first time a console game blew people away in a long time.

Yes a consoel game can define gaming, but Gears of War wasn't it.

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UncleGermrod1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

The first gears defined last gen. Why underestimate a team built of industry veterans and backed by large sums of cash? If they just evolve the series in the right way, then we could be in for something special.

You know it will be very pretty. All they need to do is tweak the formula of gears 3. The story needs to center on characters with real emotional weight. The campaign should be a little less linear and we will be good to go.

EDIT: what I mean by saying that gears 1 defined last gen is that it was the first game to truly feel next gen, to really do something that really wasnt possible or didnt happen before. I do not see why they cant deliver that type of experience again, and i think thats what the article was saying.


Well I think they are going to have to do a lot more then just evolve the story if they want to define next gen.

There is a lot of competition with games heading in the direction of big MMO style games, sand box open worlds etc.

it will have to be more then a linear 4 man squad shooter to be definitive. We will see I guess...

UncleGermrod1634d ago

i agree. i was thinking that when i posted too. i think they can take things like overrun mode and hoard and find ways to innovate there. or maybe something with the co-op. either way it should be a great shooter even if it is just a prettier gears 3. we will see indeed.

B-radical1634d ago

what tech are they referring to?

infectedaztec1634d ago

This article says XBox one will define next gen, Peter Todd article says XBox will allways be technically short of PS4.

Maybe its best just to buy games and make my own opinions rather than listen to conflicting BS that I always find on this site

elninels1634d ago

Don't blame n4g, that's unfair. It's a constantly updated gaming news site based on every other sites news. Blame the shoddy gaming journalism practices. Sponsored by Mountain Dew and Doritos. . .

Sayai jin1633d ago

I would take most of this so called news on this site with a grain of salt for the reason stated above. Most of it is opinion pieces or flame bait articles.

hello121633d ago

Yes, mate he said the x box 1 wouldn't work at launch, how wrong this Pete Dowd Sony fanboy was!

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