The Order: 1886 Described as “Sony’s First Naughty Dog Game,” Insider Says

Ashan Rasheed, also known as Thuway on twitter and NeoGaf always had a quite good track record with his information, and according to him The Order: 1886 is being privately defined in a rather interesting way.

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AngelicIceDiamond1577d ago

"The Order is being described privately jokingly as Sony’s first Naughty Dog game. Take that for whatever it means graphically."

Its a AAA big budget exclusive that Naughty Dog is known develop.

Graphically it looks on par with what Naughty Dog would do. Characters look great.

I would say this game is Sony's second Naughty Dog. Wow 2 Naught Dog teams would forever keep Sony as the master exclusive maker.

pedrof931577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

With great sideburns, comes great responsibilities.

1577d ago
abzdine1577d ago

Many are underestimating Ready at Dawn. If it happened that you played one of their games you will realize what they are capable of.

Daxter PSP is amazing
2x God of War PSP are amazing
Okami Wii port amazing

I can only be Ready from Now!

TomShoe1577d ago

Sony already has two ND teams, ND is split in two :)

One teams was working on Uncharted 3 while the other one was busy with The Last of Us.

minimur121577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

It's rather interesting, being as this is the studio that went from PSP straight up to PS4. their first game was CG type and second was kindof photo-realistic.

It's amazing how well they've progressed, and best of all, they aren't even a first party studio. Ready at Dawn are second, obviously.

They've done very well for themselves being as they're independant and their track record is 2 psp games, a very talented studio sony has grasped there :) Let's hope Sony don't annoy them in any way possible and they go multiplat. I'd cry. (well I wouldn't cry but be annoyed)
Actually, I wouldn't be annoyed, at least more gamers get to try out their games :D

Although this seems a bit worrying...

they could always be fake, but still.

Fishermenofwar1577d ago

You need big balls to sport the burns..

**Double guns**

Walks away...

Outside_ofthe_Box1577d ago

I think they're calling it that because The Order is a cinematic experience which is typical of ND's games nowadays.

Sevir1577d ago

What Most dont know is that ready At Dawn is comprised former members of NaughtyDog and Sony Santa Monica. in fact the Founder Ru W. worked at ND for 10 years before breaking away from them to start up this studio and he took a few people from Naughtydog with him, then there were defects from Sony Santa Monica who joined up with them, and slowly people from other studios like bethesda and Crystal Dynamics make up their team. 92 men and women collectively strong, Their games from Daxter, toe Ghost of Sparda and Chains of Olympus, and even the Wii port of Okami was well done, I think they may been have been tapped for the Okamiden 3DS port.

They really are one of the more interesting mid-sized independent studios doing a big budget game, and the fact that Sony Santa Monica, a crown jewel in Sony's stable is assisting with this development. this game is gonna shine! i cant wait for the Order 1886, Ive been waiting for RAD's new IP since they announced that they were moving to Next Gen platforms! and right now, this blackout surrounding this game

BitbyDeath1576d ago

Would that make them 'Naughty at Dawn'?

ThanatosDMC1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Is this the game that they were describing as the L4D2 of PS4? Or was that another game?


Nvm, the game is called Evolved. I'm looking forward to that game instead of this game.

Army_of_Darkness1576d ago

I just love how naughty dog is making Sony's other 1st party studios push themselves to the max now cause at this rate Sony is gonna have an insane amount of amazing exclusives for the PS4!

showtimefolks1576d ago

ok now you sir have made me laugh and bubbles for being funny



you sir used the word at end of LOL so you also get a bubble and yes i would also like to find out how much development resources went into developing great mustaches


many people will not forget ready at dawn anytime soon after this game. They have been working on the order 1886 for a while so it should turn out to be awesome

very under rated developer but about to get their due credit

Sheikh Yerbouti1576d ago

Ha! Wolverine would love that!

FamilyGuy1576d ago

Isn't Crash Bandicoot Sonys first Naughty Dog game?

Maybe they just mean that it'll be an instant classic? A game everyone will want, play and remember with fond memories. A franchise in the making.

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SkippyPaccino1577d ago

I thought Black Tusk studio was the new Naughty dog?

All kidding aside this games looks promising and is a better example of a naughty dog game then saying BT is the new naughty dog without even had played one BT game...

SkippyPaccino1576d ago

Who's down voting my comment? People who don't get the joke and think I'm a Microsoft fanboy or people that got insulted by my Black Tusk cheap shot? Lol! Wow! Sometimes this website is confusing...

Sayai jin1577d ago

Interesting. I have The Order on my radar. What's funny is that this insider has been leaking a lot of info just in the last 24 hours.

DevilishSix1577d ago

Ready at Dawn appears ready for the big leagues, its their chance to shine. Their work on PSP titles was known to really push that platform, so if it turns out their console titles are close to ND quality thats a big plus for Sony. I just like that its a new IP.

Prime1571577d ago

Naughty dog has two teams... tlou and the uc teams. Just sayin even though I know what you are saying.

KwietStorm1576d ago

I don't understand what you're trying to say. Sony's second Naughty Dog? As in metaphorically? Ready at Dawn should be respected for their own skills. And Naughty Dog already has a "second Naughty Dog."

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majiebeast1577d ago

When is the teasing gonna end just leak it already! Its bad enough when DemonNite trolls gaf with Demons Souls 2 and Santa Monica's next project, now we get more Order 1886 teasing.

Atleast the Microsoft leaker just decided to put everything on the line and post a large chunk of the Xbone line up till 2016. He is now probably in the Redmond dungeon being tortured but thats beside the point.

minimur121577d ago

have you got a leak about that list? I'd like to give it a gander...

majiebeast1577d ago

-Halo 2,3,4 on Xbox One
-Crackdown 3 coming 2016
-Platinum working on a Xbone game codenamed project Nagano
-Halo 5 2015
-Quantum Break Q4 2014
-Sunset Overdrive 2014
-Fable Legends spring 2015
-The new IP Blacktusk was working on was called Shangheist.
-Then a bunch of other leaks including no bluray drive Xbone the white xbone and the release of the Xbone in Tier 2 and 3 countries.

It was a giant list and we will probably never hear of this leaker again. Cause Microsoft is hard at work tracking him down.

minimur121577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

thanks @Majiebeast, lmao, this kinda reminds me of superdae, the 16 yr old who had UE/PS4/XOne SDK's and also he tried selling an Xbox dev kit on ebay for 20k


It's interesting to know that Black Tusk were working on a game and MS seem to have just gone
'yeah... just to let you know, we've got GoW under our belt now. So cancel you game and you're now sanctioned to work on this game.
Thanks for being so understanding'

Funny thing is, I remember reading an article about phil spencer saying (and quote)
'I know [Epic's management] Tim Sweeney, Mark Rein, Jay Wilbur incredibly well, so nothing to announce yet and I’d say, yes, there’s nothing even pending that I’m holding to announce, but I understand the importance of the franchise to the Xbox platform and to gamers—I’d say gamers first.'
Yeah, gamers first.

And I guarantee there wass plans for the purchase of GoW then, this was 2 months ago and $100m~ deals don't happen overnight! lmao

Angeljuice1576d ago

Not a single word of your comment is on topic. This article is about Ready at Dawn and the Order 1886, not Black Tusk or the Xbone lineup.
Please keep it relevant.

DevilishSix1577d ago

Go ahead and add a reworked 1080p version of the Gears trilogy sometime soon, sales will be used to offset the franchise IP purchase and development of the next Gears title.

neomahi1576d ago

Ah-hah! And then there was the 4K release of The Last of Us on PS4.

Silly gameAr1576d ago

I don't know majiebeast. I kinda like surprises.

ape0071577d ago

looking forward to that game

iceman13461577d ago

I can't wait for this one

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