Nintendo is stuck between the past and the future of gaming

Nintendo had already indicated it was disappointed with its sales earlier this month when it drastically slashed its sales outlook for the Wii U, Wii and 3DS. The company, which has put a heavy emphasis on promoting family-friendly games, has not only had to compete with console makers Sony and Microsoft but also smartphone and tablet makers such as Apple and Samsung, which have taken over much of the gaming market.

Or, put another way, Nintendo is stuck between the gaming past and the gaming future.

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RPG_Lover1603d ago

I dont think they are stuck at all. This article ( like most mainstream articles about Nintendo) is short sighted.

SnakeCQC1603d ago

Their console sales are insanely low and publishers are pulling support. Dire signs, no?

ABizzel11603d ago

Their mindframe is stuck in 2000 - 2010. They're 3/4 years late to the next-gen with their console.

The good news is they can recover, but I don't know if they're even willing to listen and put up the effort, or if they're going to stay stuck in their ways.

wonderfulmonkeyman1603d ago

If all publishers are pulling out, then i guess all those indies lining up outside the e shop's door must be there as a prank, and both hyrule warriors and watch dogs are canceled...
Lets not pull a Pachter here.
Yes, console sales suck right now, but lets not pretend that support in games isn't steadily increasing.

RPG_Lover1602d ago

And yet portable sales are higher than any system and software sales are higher than any system.

Remember ps3 sales are insanely low too.

SnakeCQC1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

@wonderfulmonkeyman Where did i say all publishers are pulling support? Also publishers aren't pulling support on other platforms(before this I don't remember a time where publishers have done this)
@ElementalKnight So portable consoles are now their flagship gaming devices?

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DonDon1603d ago


^ This fan (like most modern Nintendo fans) is short sighted.

Nintendo is always doing right in the sight of a blind fan. Iwata is lame. No TRUE Nintendo fan would be so blind as to not see the huge difference between Yamouchi's Nintendo, and that of the current lame-duck president, Iwata.

wonderfulmonkeyman1603d ago

Someone who blindly dismisses his accomplishments and screams retire over one slump on one still-very-young console that still has a chance of recovery, doesn't have the right to decide who is and is not a true fan.
Every leader makes mistakes.

RPG_Lover1602d ago

Your comment is so embarrassing I almost didnt want to say anything

A CEO responsible for selling over a BILLION units of software over the last 10 years is lame?

Baccra171603d ago

Sorta like how Miyamoto and Company were short sighted when they switch to HD?

Eonjay1603d ago

They've still got 12,000 plates of fortified armor! And they have their AT Field!

SkullBlade1691603d ago

...doesn't that just mean that they are stuck in the present?

stavrami1603d ago

Sooooooo there in the present then??

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The story is too old to be commented.