Is Amazon's $300 console an assault on the console market?

It seems the rumours are true that Amazon is planning to release a Android powered game console, that will sell for under $300. But even with that price point, with no games to show and an already crowded market, does Amazon really stand a chance?

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HanCilliers1602d ago

No way this is going to be a real contender for the likes of the PlayStation & Xbox. It's a good idea for mobile gaming, but the price tag for that sector is a bit hefty imo

Sillicur1602d ago

hmm wonder how good it will be

Zaphire1602d ago

Don't think I will be getting or thinking of getting this tbh unless it really brings its A game

Choc_Salties1602d ago

Well, the console market isn't THAT saturated as far as devices are concerned, but here is definitely something that can be describes as feeling "crowded". Nice attempt, but I'm holding back to see where this goes...