Aksys Games localizing Mind Zero, GameStop leaks

Aksys Games is localizing Acquire’s Persona-like dungeon crawler Mind Zero, a prematurely posted GameStop product listing has revealed.

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Snookies121578d ago

Sweet! Another awesome Vita game, great news indeed.

sherimae24131578d ago

VITA's 1st half of this year is Looking good
all this niche JP game localizations is very very pleasing to me ^_^

ill be getting this just to support these risktaking niche publishers/devs ^_^

adarker1578d ago

Nice! Looking forward to this!

nidhogg1578d ago

more..more... MOOOOORRRREEEee!!!

Chrono1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Cool. Finally a good Vita RPG to look forward to.

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