Paying To Unlock Freedom In The Elder Scrolls Online

Its been an exciting week for fans of The Elder Scrolls Online following the release of a new trailer and the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition but will fans greet the offer to pay for additional content before launch warmly?

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DragonKnight1628d ago

WTF? Zenimax is making people buy a pre-order special edition copy of TESO just for the ability to create any character you want from the 9 races and use that character in any alliance you want?

Man, this game just keeps sounding worse. And to those people who don't think DLC or Microtransactions or things of that nature are a problem, Zenimax just made it one.

CaptainCamper1628d ago

Sorry, I may have failed to explain it properly in the article. The actual Explorer's Pack gives access to all 9 races across all 3 Alliances, which comes with EVERY pre-order of the game :D

DragonKnight1628d ago

And if you don't pre-order then you don't get the pack which limits your access to the races yes?

Same problem if you ask me.

joab7771627d ago other mmo's u probably hav to buy it. I am fine with a sub model to start simply b/c it will give them the best chance to succeed...and we wont b hit by insane microtransactions until and if it goes f2p...which it will at some point.

Now, I say all this b/c of its unique situation. Its been in production along time and hopefully has a good jump start on content. Also, it may have competition on pc, but not so much on consoles (though its coming). And I believe the console mmo market is just beginning.

Freddy_Millz11627d ago

Pre-order the damn game. Its not all that damn controversial. Its not like you have to pay more or the pre-order money doesn't go to final purchase. Pre-order ANYWHERE you like and get what u much whining in the gaming sphere now days.

Dumbledoor1627d ago

My question would be can I preorder a digital game. I planned to go digital with this purchase so I don't have to deal with a disk. If I can't then this is very stupid!

MrBeta1627d ago

I was a beta tester it was a so-so game I don't really play mmorpgs
I usually play action or killing games mainly but it was a good game
If you don't think this game is good nor bad than you agree with me
I can't give out a lot of info so sorry!

OptimisticPrime1627d ago

This is stupid. Race is restricted to alliance for story reason. I'm fine with that. The end