Limited Edition Titanfall Xbox One On The Way?

iGR: "January has been an insane ride for “insider” information within the games industry. Some of it has been confirmed and some claims are still outstanding. Possibly one of the largest bits of insider information to come out of today is the fact that Microsoft may be readying a limited edition Titanfall Xbox One console."

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DarkLordMalik1483d ago

This guy is clearly trolling at this point. It is best to wait and watch this drama unfold instead of taking his word.

EBTpickle1483d ago

I believe this is the strangest evening in the history of the gaming industry.

mos61421483d ago

no he didnt, he said they didnt exist 2 weeks ago now. he also said alot of what the leaker saying he can back up aswell and are TRUE,

AngelicIceDiamond1483d ago

So is this real or fake? It would be sick if it this was real.

That console looks nice.

mwjw6961483d ago

@DarkLordMalik I would believe the crazy guy under the bridge before I would take any thing from Mort,Thru,Cboat seriously.

Some of what they say might sound great but its less then 50% correct of half guesses.

Muffins12231483d ago

Its 3 in the morning for me :|

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EBTpickle1483d ago

Yeah, I saw that as well. What a night, I'm mentally exhuasted.

DarkLordMalik1483d ago

Oh....... that's insane. It's been a long night indeed.

badz1491483d ago

I don't really care about the rumor but it would be utterly dumb for MS and EA if they aren't going to to this! it's an exclusive and with a huge backing at that too so why not go all the way with LE Xbone? they should go for it IMO!

XiSasukeUchiha1483d ago

Incoming flamebait articles, but honestly when this is announced this would be interesting!

ic3fir31483d ago

soo fake, see the consola on box, and original right side, its not the same picture

Riderz13371483d ago

Lol I noticed that too...Clearly just Photoshoped the controller design on an Xbox.

mos61421483d ago

its called mockups, companys do this before going to production.

Riderz13371483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Alrighty then.

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