Dragons World - Building Guide: What do each of the buildings do?

WP - "In Dragons World, you can't buy all of the buildings right away, but as you unlock them, you'll be able to purchase them - albeit usually for quite a few coins. Before you unlock them, you will have no way of finding out what they do. This includes such buildings as the Training Center, the Magic Lab and the Dragon Resort."

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Now, in the game what you are not going to realize is there are levels upon you see pretty dragons and think: FUN! And then you realize they can fight and there are 3 element dragons that are strong and you can make stronger so maybe you purchase one or two at $9.99 each: predatory dragons. Gotta be the best, yeah?

But the reality is this: MOST dragons you breed can't fight, those that can are mostly earth/nature/wind/water combos. And of those combos to get the dragon you will have a 24 hour breed time, a 24 hour hatch time, a 24 to 48 hour period where you grow the food to feed it up to level 10, and then....

you will start training it, maybe picking flower bombs for a skill. But wait! First you're going to need "essences," and after level 1 or 2 you'll need FIVE essences. How to get these essences? Buy a magic lab, wait 48 hours or so for it to appear, grow some more 4 days worth of low level grass or lava dragons - feed it to the lab, and get a maximum of 3 elements. THEN, you will realize you need 5 elements to get a better skill and that is only going to increase your skill by 3% - so 2244 will go up by 67 points after you've raised two dragons, fed them to level 10, fed them to the machine, randomly gotten essences until you get to 5 of them - could take 3 tries...and your dragon is 67 points stronger at it's flower bomb!! Oh, my. And it's also affected by how many time your dragon's fought - we're getting into college level statistical analysis here, to figure out you aren't going anywhere.

Because, if not before all this, afterwords at some point: you will most certainly have the unfortunate experience of running into some of those top players who have bought every dragon Social Quantum sold, gotten 3 or 4 islands, every decoration and uh, oh - got a dragon who can fight with MAGIC and spent the weeks to level it up. Now all your hard work will be basically USELESS because a magic power's going to take out your strongest dragon with no more than 2 hits. And in theory Light will trump magic but there's only one light dragon to get, and you can try for a month to do so without success (I did!).

So there you are, having spent hours, days, weeks and dollars after dollars before realizing that this is a game of DIMINISHING RETURNS. It's NOT a battle game, it's a decoration game at best - but even for that, you will have to have those essences which require a week or more to get and you'll need multiples of them.

And when you get to magic, night or light elements, better make it two weeks. To simply breed the the rarest and highest level Full Moon Dragon will take 40 hours - 40 hours to breed, 40 hours to hatch, 2 days to grow enough food...and he WON'T be able to fight.

That's how Dragonsworld has gotten so many one star reviews on Google Play, in my opinion. As one reviewer said, he'd never spent money but they'd got to him for $50, so be warned. I myself played 36 generations of "little people" in Virtual Families and spent $.99 in three months!!

But this game is like the lottery - it sucks you in and you keep thinking one more try at a magic dragon, one more pretty dragon I want...I want them ALL....I want to have what all those other top players have. And you will, my friend, pay for the priviledge in cash and in hours of your life; or just end up regretting the download of the game! I do.

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