Phil Spencer Keynote Interview on March 9th

Geoff Keighley will host a keynote interview with Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer on March 9th.

"Phil's history, the exciting launch of the Xbox One, the exciting new games under his Microsoft Studios umbrella, much more!"

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XiSasukeUchiha1576d ago

This seems like the OS update incoming!

pyramidshead1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

The what? lol

@sasuke yeah sounds about right.

Been a mad day/night with the explosions being unleashed over at gaf by the new MS insider. Jesus wept!

Mr Pumblechook1575d ago

Have Microsoft paid for this interview/keynote or has money in any way changed hands?

Because if it has then this should be clearly made public. Otherwise it is part of Microsoft's 'Stealth Advertising' policy, advertising disguised as editorial which is not on and not right and a continuation of the YouTube policy.

Spurg1575d ago

Seriously you guys bitch and moan about everything ms does...even when its a good thing.

your comment is a perfect example of that. Instead of focus on what he might say or announce you focused on something completely irrelevant and negative. I don't understand why you people tend to derive the comment section so much.

majiebeast1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

"Head of one the most innovative companies in gaming."


majiebeast1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

They just canceled a new IP so they can churn out more Gears so much innovation...

StealthPandemic1576d ago

They didn't cancel it. They don't know the fate (it could be cancelled or not). Tell me what has Sony or Nintendo innovated. Games don't count.

majiebeast1576d ago

Sony:Lets see Eyepet,rumble,share button,track pad,Oled,first console with Bluray,first console with dvd,back touchpad,3D,backwards compatability,remote play.

Nintendo:dual screens,motion controls,link cables,gameboy,3D handheld,off screen gaming,dpad,first microphone in a console(famicom),shoulder buttons

There is probably more but they both have contributed a lot of innovation to gaming.

Septic1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Sorry majie mate but that isn't a very convincing list of innovations. (not saying that Sony don't innovate btw).

And MS did make a lot of strides that benefited the whole industry. Things such as pushing online gaming properly on consoles which prompted otheres to follow suit, things like achievements, built in HDD, etc etc.

Fishy Fingers1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Let's not play the "innovation card". Everytime someone attempts something out side the norm they got shoot down or heaven forbid it's on a "rival" system and labelled a fad.

Innovation is scary, evolution is to be commended.

Zichu1575d ago


And which of those innovations are they sticking with and actually innovated?

Eyepet? Nope

Rumble? Has been around since the 70's

Share Button? The ability to record gameplay. You can do that on the X1 or you can just buy a capture card...

Trackpad? Laptops have had this technology since the beginning...

OLED? Pretty sure Samsung used OLED before or around the same time Sony did.

Give you the Blu-ray and DVD.

Trackpads, touchpads. They're the same, just different words. Been around for a long time.

3D? Again, pretty sure other companies were using 3D before Sony.

Atari made BC consoles... Gameboys were backwards compatible...

Will also give you Remote Play.

abzdine1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

this is a long fanboy discussion that i dont even wanna start.
MS haven't innovated with anything all they have done is recycle ideas.
i will stop here

@Zichu: you are pretty sure about lots of things. how about being just sure?

OpieWinston1575d ago

You do realize that Sony is infamous for being the company that cuts costs...So don't worry they'll do the same thing with the PS4 that they are doing with the PS Vita slim.... Slowly take off features from future versions of the console. Because they've got all you fanboys wrapped around their fingers eating everything they say.

Personally Sony lost me when I noticed the garbage that came out on my PS3.

Wii U/X1/PC...FTW

Zichu1575d ago


Because I'm not going to go out and spent ages researching about the history of each feature majie mentioned. I've had a quick search and went through a few things.

Also, innovation isn't easy to come by. Once something comes along, everyone builds from there.

I'm saying pretty sure because I'm not spouting out facts, like majie thinks he is without any reason. So most of his "facts" are wrong.

Gekko361575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

@Beast - None of the things you listed have been innovation bar motion control from Nintendo. Sony added bluray and dvd but this is just a media player, this hasn't done anything to innovate. MS didn't innovate by adding an HDD in their consoles. That is "Just adding stuff". So by that rationale if the PS4 had a port to charge my mobile or had a port for connecting my Dyson Hoover, then they have innovated.


However Microsoft have built on what has come before, Kinect built of the premise of the eye toy and made it better. Just like Sony has stood on the shoulders of giants and called themselves gods

The one area MS has always innovated is in software development, they invented SOAP and it is universally used with web services. .Net has become a massive player for development and it's fast and easy to write for.

If you're going to knock MS, fine but make sure you don't use sweeping statements like

"All women make sweeping statements" lol

or "Microsoft haven't innovated", a more accurate statements would be "Xbox haven't innovated, however they have built ontop of existing technology to make it better", same goes fro Sony

dcbronco1575d ago

Backwards comparability. The PS4 doesn't even have it. Beast you're at a whole new low of desperation now. No need to make things up. Just enjoy your console.

christocolus1575d ago


Defence mode activated...lmao.

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AngelicIceDiamond1576d ago

@Beast I would say so.

ONE of the most innovative companies in gaming. I think MS has earned that now.

Thepharaoh1575d ago

Wait so you work down at Black tusk and know the nature of hove that studio has been being managed?

If so then by all means enlightent the rest of us considering the fact that the information on how the studio is to be run is sketchy at best.

It's kinda funny though if this was Yoshida or Cerny you'd be mastubrating to the thought of the interview right now

KingDadXVI1575d ago

All of the gaming companies innovated right back to the first gen of consoles. The biggest recent and most wide sweeping innovations was Xbox Live. Whether you like them putting some no gaming services behind a paywall or not it was Microsoft that created the first sustainable online gaming model for consoles period. Were they the first to come up with the idea no but they were the first with the vision, balls, and money to get all of the developers and publishers to get on board and operate under a unified online system.

Now as far as this interview I think that this is happening because there is a lot of interest in gaming and it will attract viewers and sell advertising. It will also be Microsoft's way of selling their console. Now one questions that.

What they are trying to do is put forward a representative that most people respect; and Phil is one of those guys, who will show people that the Xbox One is all about great games while doing other things too.

Let's face it MS has made a few missteps this gen and has been heavily criticized. In some cases it was valid but in almost all it went way overboard too. So by being seeming to be open and discussing the situation and showing that they really do care about the games they can win a little forgiveness. At the same time they will be showing that while we f##ked up a few things we are doing a lot of things right. Like re-energizing gears, bringing new IP to the table, listening to the customer and reflecting it in recent updates, not launching a service like streaming to twitch until it is ready.

This is all about reassurance, showing some humility, and getting people to focus on the great things arriving shortly for the Xbox One.

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christocolus1575d ago

What could this be about?

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