Platinum Games Xbox One title scheduled for March 2016, codenamed “Project Nagano”

GC - "Ntkrnl, an insider on NeoGAF, who has been pretty much dropping bombs all day, has revealed that Platinum Games is working on an Xbox One game which is codenamed Project Nagano."

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XiSasukeUchiha1628d ago

Umm what's up with all this xbone news.

Hopefully this insider was correct!


StealthPandemic1628d ago

This guy has to be trolling us. Halo 5 beta to run from Dec and include 4-8 maps. (His words).

aviator1891628d ago

I honestly think he is.
Betas do not normally include that many maps. And with the halo 3/4 ports, he's just screwing around now. I don't believe him anymore.

hellzsupernova1628d ago

Yeah plus halo 5 would be a holiday release. There is no way the beta goes live a year before release? I don't think so

Good trolling sir (the leaker not you :). )

malokevi1628d ago

He obviously is. Anyone who regards any of this as truth should take a long hard look at themselves. I can't believe news sites are running with this garbage.

majiebeast1628d ago

I thought they learned their lesson after W101 bombed.

StealthPandemic1628d ago

That was the Wii U. In our society we don't call the Wii U an actual console.

- Dead Gamers Society

Fireseed1628d ago

Yes because after a single unsuccessful (financially) game it's common knowledge that studios should just shut down...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

wrong. Kamiya wants a sequel.
He also wants a spin-off starring Wonder Blue.

LoaMcLoa1628d ago

Learned what lesson? The W101 was great. If anything, they should keep making games like that.

It was on Wii U and it was given low scores because reviewers wasn't good enough at the game, so of course it bombed.

Studio-YaMi1628d ago

I hate reviewers in general & mostly western reviewers(not all of them though),they just don't seem to know how to rate games or how to enjoy them.

I enjoyed the W101 as much as I enjoyed playing Knack for the PS4,yet you find these "so called" gaming sites reviewing games just to give them bad scores that doesn't justify these games.

So I say it,to hell with reviewers,wanna know if the game is good or not? try for yourself!

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TripC501628d ago

2016 is so far away...We'll have the new Star Wars movie before then.

maniacmayhem1628d ago

Platinum is one of my favorite developers. Their games embody what video game arcade action should be. I'm hoping for a Vanquish 2, but anything from these guys I would be on board for.

I wish Nintendo would hand them the keys to Starfox!

Very curious to see what these guys are working on for the Xbox One.

ZodTheRipper1628d ago

Haha how tastes can differ.
I didn't finish Vanquish or MGS Rising and I hated Bayonetta to the core. I even disliked the demo for W101 so on my list, these guys are as low as you can get.

aktheon1628d ago

Your taste is awful, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.