Nintendo's Future: It's Worse Than We Thought

Geek Party reviews the announcements made at Nintendo's Investor's Briefing and muses on the future of the company given its controversial change in direction.

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NatureOfLogic1602d ago

They've just announced their first step to going third party today.

TripC501602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

"The next platform from Nintendo is going to be centered around “QoL” (a.k.a. Quality of Life, a.k.a. Fitness) and will be launching alongside “games” in April 2015."

Maybe that's what they announced. Idk..reading is hard

wonderfulmonkeyman1602d ago

Keep dreaming, broski. And in the meantime, go play Knack or something.

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ritsuka6661602d ago

People seem to have forgotten that the PS3 actually did worse then the Wii U did in it's first year , and their was plenty of Sony doomsaying going on back then as well.

blastergun1602d ago

if their next move to rebuild nintendo is via fitness device, then please change the leader. investors will revolt no doubt.

drop_dead_ed141602d ago

Nintendo is teetering on educational gaming, gaming with merit, substance that can somewhat be used outside the gaming realm once you escape the gaming realm.

They're simply birthing a new branch in the nintendo ecosystem. From what I got from it, they are adding QOL as a new and separate entity, unifying its firmware in the future, and refusing to stop looking for the golden egg in the gamepad.

Nintendo isn't doomed, but it looks like the wii u isn't going to be what some people wanted it be.

blastergun1602d ago

i think nintendo leader has gone out of touch and they are all dreaming and hoping to find another wii. What the management is doing now is actually abandoning nintendo fans. It's a betrayal to nintendo gaming fans. Instead of going back to their core and it seems that they are more interested in creating gimmick only. No plan for wii u even though the main issue is wii u sale not doing well.

Yep1602d ago

Lol sorry, but it's not. Doom train is over.

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The story is too old to be commented.