Terraria 1.2 Update for Consoles set for Simultaneous Release, Includes Vita

The feature-heavy 1.2 update for the console editions of Terraria will be rolling-out simultaneously, with the actual launch date varying per-platform due to certification.

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sherimae24131632d ago

nice! i cant wait to patch this to my VITA

BrianSharon1632d ago

I agree. For anyone who is a fan of Terraria on consoles - this is good news.

SilentSolid1632d ago

Would be nice if they added new trophies with the new update :) But pretty sure that's not gonna happen.

Been playing the vita version alot more than ps3 lately. Perfect game for a handheld console!

Beetey1632d ago

I don't think I have ever been this excited about a game patch! I really hope we get a solid release date here before long.

Keep up the great work engine!

Swiftcricket1631d ago

Damn was hoping there was going to finally be a release date. This update was spectacular on PC but I need it on console now so I can play it with my friend.