Top 10 Worlds That Should Be Visited In Kingdom Hearts III

JPS Writes: "The Kingdom Hearts franchise seemed like such a strange combination when it was first announced. Who would have ever thought we’d see Disney and Final Fantasy intertwined into one game? After seeing a few Disney movies as of late, I got to thinking about the next entry in the game and what worlds I would most like to see visited. As a result, I came up with the top 10 worlds I’d most like to see visited in Kingdom Hearts III when we finally see it release in the coming years."

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KingKelloggTheWH1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Yes to Sword and the Stone, Jungle book, no to the others.

But really the game should have a Gargoyles world, you know Disneys most awesome animated show!!!

I want more of Hercules world then just the tournaments and the underworld.

I would also like to see some FF tactics characters, and a ton more FF since this is the end of the DSeeker Saga.

Xandet1633d ago

I would love something unexpectedly fitting like worlds revolving around Studio Ghibli. The character interaction from a Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke world would be a lot of fun and could you imagine the how gorgeous the levels would look with that signature Ghibli art style? They obviously aren't synonymous with Squeenix, but Disney has some close ties, distributing the localized versions of most of their films and all...

Blackcanary1633d ago

Disney only Distribut it in the UK and the USA the don't have any rights at all over Studio Ghibli so that would never happen.

CursedHero1633d ago

Jungle Book would be cool!

NukaCola1633d ago

Agree. Also Andy's house needscto be a level.

AceBlazer131633d ago

10. Visit a world about visiting worlds? No

9. No

8. Hell No

7. Hell yeah

6. It's expected

5.OMG yes please



2. Expected


Wat i would really like though is more square worlds, try to keep a more serious tone for the climax.

Snookies121633d ago

I agree with more Square worlds... I'd love to see some Final Fantasy worlds on KH3. (Just please no FF XIII worlds... I liked the games, but enough is enough.)

Blackcanary1633d ago

Knowing Square Lighting Chan will appear some way some how. I'm so over Final Fantasy 13.

ErryK1633d ago

Too bad, FFXIII team is going to be in KH at some point.

RiseAbove1633d ago

I would love a world based on The Black Cauldron. That movie is way too underrated!

WeAreLegion1633d ago

The Emperor's New Groove, please?

WildArmed1633d ago

very good call!

I used to love that show! Krunk and Kuzco ftw.

I wouldn't mind if they have some DLC setup for worlds they can't fit into the game. Assuming the DLC is just extra and is not related to the main story.

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