Hey Sony, Isn't It Time To Announce Heavenly Sword 2 For PS4?

Heavenly Sword was a godsend for Sony back in 2007, as it helped to drown out the cries of, "PS3 is dead!" Maybe the dormant IP should return...

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-Foxtrot1544d ago

Seems like the time is right since God of War might be on hold for a while.

Needs Anna Torv though, she was great as Nariko.

Kingthrash3601544d ago

id rather have a HS befor a GoW...GoW is getting played out and needs a break imo.

DarkLordMalik1544d ago

I have a hunch that the new movie is sort of a test to gauge interest in Heavenly Sword series.

NoremacTheGamer1544d ago

That would be a good way to see if fans demand more Nariko Action for the future of PlayStation.

I do feel they know this already because of the fact of her unexpectedly being in PlayStation All-Stars! XD I never would have guess even though I wanted her in there anyways.

That announcement received great reactions from what Sony saw so lets see where this movie takes us!

NoremacTheGamer1544d ago

I would love that but let's see where this CG movie takes us first and what direction it takes before we fully grasps our thoughts on Heavenly Sword 2 as much as we want it.

This movie is pretty much a reboot for a reason so this maybe the start of it all with a bit of story changes sense Ninja Theory is no longer part of the Heavenly Sword Franchise.

The Movies has been stated to be released this Spring and maybe just maybe... at E3 well you know! Heavenly Sword 2!

Haha I hope but we'll see?! :)

infinitewords1544d ago

Hey Sony, isn't it time to announce The Legend of Dragoon 2 for PS4?

BlakHavoc1544d ago

O god please! I've waited for this game far too long lol. I'd actually prefer a remake of the original though, I think fans as well as newcomers need to experience the original.

infinitewords1544d ago

Either is fine with me, but why not both?

Bathyj1544d ago

Hey Sony, isnt it time you acquired the rights to Tenchu?

Totally of topic, I just never miss a chance to work Tenchu into something. Gotta try and get people talking about it again. ;)


Would much prefer a HS game to another GoW. The last one had nothing wrong per say, its just gotten tired and needs a rest. HS is long overdue for a comeback.

Arrow to the head, BEST SOUND EFFECT EVER. Take that Cerebral Bore.

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The story is too old to be commented.