The Next Generation of Nintendo Consoles Will Share Architecture like "Brothers"

During the corporate management policy briefing held this morning in Tokyo, Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata mentioned some very interesting details about the next generaton of systems made by the company

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cellur1111605d ago

So another failed console?

jimbobwahey1605d ago

Nintendo never learns. If they want their next console to share architecture with a handheld, they were be completely outclassed by Sony/Microsoft yet again.

It's funny how stubborn they are though, rather watch their business fail than do the smart thing and adapt.

cleft51605d ago

They already confirmed that the WiiU virtual console will now have DS support coming to it. That is clearly a start of what is to come. They have confirmed that they moving in the direction of a unified online service and they have confirmed that they are going to do some sort of online streaming service. Clearly they learn and while I love Sony right now, make no mistake that Sony and Microsoft constantly takes idea from Nintendo.

Yodagamer1605d ago

They aren't talking about have the same architecture as their last system, but have a handheld and a console with the same architecture so they'd be more interactive. Much like sony are doing with shared engines across the ps3/vita except at a hardware level rather then sony's software level.

starchild1604d ago

Their strengths lie in the handheld arena. If they can leverage that advantage it makes sense for them to do so.

I hope Nintendo turn things around.

erathaol1604d ago

So they want to fully support inter-connectivity between handheld and console, similar to the Vita and PS4, only across all games?

If a someone went over a friends house and instead needing a new controller, he just uses his handheld as the controller. It would save money and time.

With good account management, you could have the handheld make a handshake with the friend's console and be logged in with little fuss. Get into Mario Kart within seconds.

Its a good idea.

MeknSence1604d ago

Why already counting them out? They never mentioned their console specs! I believe they have learned their lessons from the Wii U. Nintendo needs to confirm that that "Fusion" and "Terminal" specs and base on the "Brothers" and "Sisters" comment, it fits right in with it.

dcbronco1604d ago

AMD makes it's APUs with the same architecture but fewer core on the GPU or CPU. I believe that is what he means. As the die size gets smaller, the same tech can be used in a hand held and a console.

AMDs Kaveri APUs have varying numbers of compute core.

It goes down to just two CPU cores and 4 GPU cores.

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mydyingparadiselost1604d ago

Yea just like the PS4 and the Vita...

TripC501604d ago

except better cuz its Nintendo

KillrateOmega1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Only if it sells poorly.

Beastforlifenoob1604d ago

LOL Nintendo fans are back again licking big N's old hairy a**hole

1.) How exactly did "sony and microsoft copy this?"@cleft5 Playstation NOW was announced way before this... Also what about Nintendo copying motion controls and second screen gameplay from sony?

2.) This means the console will be Always Online and will most likely have a subscription.

Haha cmon NOOBS keep defending nintendo...

fonger081604d ago

What about Sony taking hand-held motion controls, 4-button layout, thumb analogue controls, oh and that whole rumble to "force-feedback" in controllers? Everyone takes from each other in this industry...

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XiSasukeUchiha1605d ago

So confirms the Fusion then?

Abriael1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

No, he didn't. Same architecture doesn't mean two console in one.

SpiralTear1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

This announcement didn't confirm the Fusion, but it does seem to coordinate with the idea of a console-handheld hybrid system that shares similar interface and feature ecosystems between two devices.

It very well might mean "two consoles in one."

miyamoto1604d ago

Before the NGP announcement I really thought that the PS4 will have two versions- a home console version and a portable mobile version that are really identical in terms of SoC CPU&GPU.

Although the PS Vita was designed with PS4 compatibility in mind & basically a "PS4" portable in many senses, it could have been better if they share the same power with the PS4 portable able to connect to HDTV monitors wire or wireless.

Yodagamer1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I suppose that's alright i've always wanted their handhelds to be more interactive with their consoles. It's something they've tried in the past, but it will be nice to see it developed with it in mind.

Metallox1605d ago

The Fusion it's coming...

KwietStorm1605d ago

My brother never gave my Arkham City back, but I can't borrow 5 dollars. Tuh.

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