Miyamoto Blames Technological Leap for Lack of Wii U Games

During a briefing on Wednesday, Nintendo's mastermind Shigeru Myamoto blamed the technological leap from the Wii to the Wii U for the lack of games.

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majiebeast1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

YOU HAD 8 YEARS! This is unbelievable, its so well documented yet Nintendo wasnt prepared even when they are 8 years late.

Kyle Bosman said it right.

"I like to think of Nintendo as just this big, dopey, happy--frustrating elephant that's walking along at it's own pace and there's nothing we can do about it."

"Come on elephant!"


"No elephant come on! Make a Pokemon console game already!"

"Nope, boppopopppoppoom"

Hatsune-Miku1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Nintendo tricked people into buying the under powered wii abandoning the core nintendo gamers and tried with the wii u again but failed.

Talk to most short sighted nintendo fanatics and theyll say wii won the 7th gen wars when there isnt an end time frame but to see who can do the best supporting gamers the longest keeping up morale for faithfuls who'll get the newer system. Wii fizzled out after 4 years and seemed like it was at 100mill for years because people started to wise up and not buy any more systems or software. The ps3 and xbox 360 are still selling well and selling software while wii barely is selling and barely gets software.

Gamers dont have any faith in the wii u and one of the reason most aren't buying the wii u is because they saw what nintendo did on the wii. remember nintendo being so secretive about the power of the wii and then the wii u like consumers shouldn't know exactly what they are buying. Wii u time is literally over and they can try to make some proper exclusives but they cant make enough.

Vegamyster1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

How did they trick people into buying "the under powered wii"? All you had to do was look a the graphics to know it wasn't a power house. Btw there was lots of good games for their core audience such as the Galaxy games (highest rated exclusives last gen) DKCR, Skyward Sword, Xenoblades, Okami, The Last Story, Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, Smash Bro's, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption/Trilogy, MH Tri ect.

andrewer1606d ago

I have Wii and Wii U, and just can't consider myself tricked. btw who they tricked with the wii, exactly? People that actually didn't buy the console? wth No one that I know that has Wii felt tricked, the opposite actually, they love the console.

thezeldadoth1606d ago

tricked into having fun with mario galaxy 1+2, skyrward sword, smash bros, mario kart, no more heroes, xenoblade, wii sports, metroid prime 3?

i guess wii u has already tricked me into enjoying mario 3d world, wind waker hd, new super mario bros u, sonic racing transformed, pikmin 3, wonderful 101. can't wait for them to trick people into buying X, bayonetta 2, smash bros, DKCR:TF, zelda

miyamoto1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I wouldn't say tricked but arrogance. It's good that many people didn't actually fall prey to Nintendo's underpowered overpriced strategy with the 3DS and Wii U launches. Many people wised up and saw through Mr. Iwata's arrogance and leveraging on DS & Wii's brand name to scam people.

It's good they all learned their lessons- the consumer and Nintendo.

Baccra171606d ago

They did trick the casuals but they didn't trick the cultist. The cultist will stick with Nin no matter what, even as that ship sinks to the very bottom.

The cultist are the worst fans ever, they are the enablers that allow Nin to do whatever they want, giving more booze and the keys to a drunk that should be cut off- let alone not allowed to drive.

SLUG1605d ago

i buy a wii u then i sell it for 700.00 and buy me a xbox one and now i feel i made the best choice now lol

ShinMaster1605d ago

They also had 8 years to implement a decent online infrastructure.

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andrewer1606d ago

At least they are the ones making games that I and some other people like. Nothing against PS4 or Xbox One, but they haven't a single 1st party game that I would like to play.

-Foxtrot1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

They both came out like 2 months ago, the Wii U has had an entire YEAR and 2 months.

It took them untill November, a year later, to actually create a good Mario game, Super Mario 3D World while Smash Bros and Mario Kart are STILL a long ways off.

The Xbox One has TitanFall coming up, the PS4 has inFAMOUS SS alongside multiplatform games like Watch Dogs, Thief, Ground Zeros etc and thats in the first 3-6 months after their release.

andrewer1606d ago

@Foxtrot Yeah I formulated it badly. Not a single game, launched or not (that is, all games revealed so far), have attracted me.

PS: for multiplataform games I go with PC, Wii U indeed can't hold gamers by itself.

LOL_WUT1606d ago

There's nothing that appeals to you on the other consoles because there's no Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Zelda on a PS4 or a X1 ;)

thezeldadoth1606d ago

@foxtrot, whoa, it took them a whole year to make one of the most highly rated games of the year? I guess they should've put that out in a month

Wii U is the only console that offers anything unique. PC for multiplatform games.

Ace Killa 081606d ago

It matters what it can offer, but if Nintendo and all other companies can't match what they offered then they have failed.

It has taken a year to get 1 high rated game. Ps4 has killzone which was a success as it sold 2million, doesn't mean its great. We still got other games lined up for this year. The future looks good for X1 and ps4 the past looks bad for Nintendo as they only produced one good game.

KevinCubes1605d ago

Don't like KI, dead rising, forza, killzone, resogun, infamous, ryse, crimson dragon, or knack.

SilentNegotiator1605d ago

Good for you. But you are a minority.

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denero11606d ago

lol I like the way you describe them lol It fits perfectly a big elephant just walking down the road while everyone makes suggestions to it and it ignores them and keeps smiling

majiebeast1606d ago

its from the Final Bosman a show on Gametrailers a really good show.

Baccra171606d ago

Absolutely right. That hubris and attitude of theirs will be their downfall.

N4g_null1605d ago

Interesting. ... no one wanted motion control. .. Ps fans look we got move and Sony did it first so they win.... huh? Oh gpgpu yeah that was out 8 years ago. Even epic hated the idea.. now ms even uses sram... Sony dropped the cell.

You know elephant are probably the smartest animal at your zoo.. lol they have great mental capacity.

There is a tech gap though. People are still learning the gpgpu. Expecting mature tools by the end of 2014 though.

The bashing is getting pretty bad here. It's pretty interesting that the more you bash them the more press they get.. that just means they are making some people uneasy.

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NYC_Gamer1606d ago

What were Nintendo doing for 8 years?

Vegamyster1606d ago

Bathing in the money they got from the DS, Wii then 3DS.

cleft51606d ago

That really is true though. People forget that for the past 8 years they where the industry leaders. I love my PS4, but the PS4 was a direct reaction from how messed up Sony situation was with the PS3 originally. Nintendo on the other hand was on top of the world making Standard Definition games. There resource was dedicated to that.

I am pretty sure they didn't originally think things was going to end up with them being the only major party supporting the WiiU. They went out and secured 3rd party support and whether than that 3rd party support delivering the games for the console they all waited for console to sell. Well you need games for it to sell and Nintendo tried to let the 3rd party developers be the driving force on the WiiU. The end result was them getting screwed over by EA and Ubisoft. It's ironic really, had Nintendo just done what they are doing now and support the WiiU heavily themselves than they would have sold a bunch of consoles.

Dunban671606d ago

Cleft5 : do u honestly believe that? There are many holes in that argument and it is very nieve

Knushwood Butt1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Yeah, sitting on their laurels, pumping out lazy franchise milks.

Now they have a console that can output at a resolution greater than 480p, and they haven't got a clue what to do with it.

I know, let's make a 2D platformer!!


lulz technological leap

TheEnigma3131605d ago

This just made me sad. I loved this show so much.

Yep1606d ago

Becoming the leader in motion controls.

Alucardx031606d ago

I'm not sure how they can use the technological leap as an excuse. They did, after all, develop the Wii U SDK for developers, so they knew earlier than everyone else the resources they'd need to develop these games.

cleft51606d ago

Think about how detailed Nintendo standard definition games are, look at Mario Galaxy for example. Now picture that game being made HD from the start, can you imagine how long that is going to take a company that builds their own technology and is just entering the HD arena. Not only are they making HD games but [email protected] on a console that isn't as powerful as the Xbox One and certainly not the PS4, all while making sure it works well with the Gamepad.

It would be one thing if Nintendo didn't polish their games until they where perfect, but clearly they do. Just look at Windwaker HD. Now take all that into account and realize that all of their 3rd party support from major developers disappeared. It's not them making an excuse but pointing out a bad situation.

Yodagamer1606d ago

Writing the sdk takes less people than developing on it, you have animator, texture artist, lighting artist, and many others. I don't think nintendo was prepared with how many people they had working on a game. Plus with greater graphics there are more glitches which is something nintendo has delayed for in the past.

ChickeyCantor1606d ago

I have the feeling he is talking about their standard work environment which didn't match up with the needs of the production process with the new console.

LOL_WUT1606d ago

That's what happens when you don't keep developers in mind ;)

cleft51606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

No matter what they did 3rd party developers would have been crying about not being able to sell games on a Nintendo platform. Look at how insanely successful the 3DS is right now, yet where is all of the big West 3rd party games? If anything, Nintendo should have acknowledge the reality that they where going to be the primary developers for their platform.

oof461606d ago

True, but it's not like 3rd party developers didn't even try. You saw it with the Wii and WiiU. Multiplatform games, multiplatform games with controls unique to the Wii or WiiU, 3rd party exclusives...the numbers don't justify 3rd party developers making games for Nintendo's platform. You could break down Nintendo console owners into two groups: the hardcore who love Nintendo 1st party games and the casual crowd who buy Wii Fit and Mario.

In my lifetime, I've owned an NES, SNES, a gameboy and an N64. While I still love me some Mario and Donkey Kong, Nintendo's consoles just don't have the games that I'm itching to play.

DC7771606d ago

Ugh. Are these guys like 5 years behind everyone else all the time? Even Wii should've been HD because that was what was hot on the horizon. Nintendo needs some new advisors on current trends seriously. It's the having a nephew with a 200 I.Q. who works at WalMart.

AJBACK2FRAG1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Lol! Very good! The Wii wasn't an hd console because not everybody had a hd television back then. Back when Nintendo was developing the Wii hd televvisions were for alot of people just to damn expensive. It wasn't like today when you can buy a forty inch1080p tv for 300 hundred bucks!
Even still there was a guy named Gumpei Yokoi. He invented the Ultra hand, Game Boy, Game and Watch and the Virtual Boy to name a few. He was Shigeru Miyamoto's mentor. Gumpei had an idea called lateral thinking with withered technology. He believed that cutting edge technology could actually hinder game development and that utilizing older technology in innovative ways could create radical new gameplay!!!! On Miiverse I asked Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Iwata (or their secretaries lol) what effect Mr. Yokoi's theory of lateral thinking with withered technology had on the development of the Wii and the Wii U? Well neither one of them or their secrataries ever gave me an answer. I sure would appreciate one. Anyways I am a Nintendo cultist just like some of you are Sony cultists etc. You may hate Nintendo or think they're stupid but I will always be a fan because Nintendo has brought great beauty and fun to me.