DS support confirmed for Wii U Virtual Console

The Wii U Virtual Console will be receiving DS support, Nintendo has confirmed.

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mii-gamer1660d ago

oh wow this is massive. If marketed correctly this could be a game changer

ABizzel11660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I don't see how this is "Massive" or "huge news". Good news, but not huge.

There are over 150 million DS out there, and over 40 million 3DS out there. Ds on Virtual console is not a game changer in any way, since that audience is already being served, not to mention they're 10 year old games that most people should have played by now, especially considering the DS sold that many handhelds.

It's good for some fans to re-buy their favorites to play, but it's not going to help the Wii U with it's current problems.

The one thing it does do, is pave the way for a potential "Fusion" console like the rumors aka I've been saying Nintendo should do with their gamepad and next console. If DS games are coming, then there's a chance 3DS games are coming once a successor is announced.

3-4-51660d ago

DS has over 1,000 games.

Tons of RPGs

* They really should do with with GBA & SNES games as well.

BosSSyndrome1660d ago

They confirmed GBA last year.

Errefus1660d ago

While i find the DS VC on wii u okay, they need to make GameCube games available on the Wii U and even Wii games.....

BosSSyndrome1660d ago

It's backwards compatible with wii games. Why on earth would they put them on VC.

wonderfulmonkeyman1660d ago

There's a few Castlevania games I'd LOVE to play on my Wii U!
Actually there's just this huge plethora of games that I'd love to have on my Wii U from those days; I've lost so many games from back then and the loss is always painful when you really loved the games...

PSNintyGamer1660d ago

We need new games. This is exactly why the vita is in it's predicament. New original games. (Although I am excited for this)

dcj05241660d ago

Toukiden,gravity rush 2,Demon gaze, Freedom Wars,God Eater 2 and 10+ japanese only games to name a few.

r211660d ago

Dont forget Tearaway, Olli Olli.

Crillvirus811660d ago

Yea but sonys retro and portable games ain't nothing like nintendos ..sorry to say it but its the truth sonys has a few that where good but nothing like nintendos back catalog

RmanX10001660d ago

YES, cant wait for this! now how about 3DS with top screen being displayed on the tv.

Metallox1660d ago

Spirit Tracks... come to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.