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Submitted by Valay 745d ago | news

DS support confirmed for Wii U Virtual Console

The Wii U Virtual Console will be receiving DS support, Nintendo has confirmed. (Nintendo DS, Wii U)

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mii-gamer  +   745d ago
oh wow this is massive. If marketed correctly this could be a game changer
cleft5  +   745d ago
This is huge news.
ABizzel1  +   745d ago
I don't see how this is "Massive" or "huge news". Good news, but not huge.

There are over 150 million DS out there, and over 40 million 3DS out there. Ds on Virtual console is not a game changer in any way, since that audience is already being served, not to mention they're 10 year old games that most people should have played by now, especially considering the DS sold that many handhelds.

It's good for some fans to re-buy their favorites to play, but it's not going to help the Wii U with it's current problems.

The one thing it does do, is pave the way for a potential "Fusion" console like the rumors aka I've been saying Nintendo should do with their gamepad and next console. If DS games are coming, then there's a chance 3DS games are coming once a successor is announced.
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3-4-5  +   745d ago
DS has over 1,000 games.

Tons of RPGs

* They really should do with with GBA & SNES games as well.
BosSSyndrome  +   745d ago
They confirmed GBA last year.
Errefus  +   745d ago
While i find the DS VC on wii u okay, they need to make GameCube games available on the Wii U and even Wii games.....
BosSSyndrome  +   745d ago
It's backwards compatible with wii games. Why on earth would they put them on VC.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   745d ago
There's a few Castlevania games I'd LOVE to play on my Wii U!
Actually there's just this huge plethora of games that I'd love to have on my Wii U from those days; I've lost so many games from back then and the loss is always painful when you really loved the games...
PSNintyGamer  +   745d ago
We need new games. This is exactly why the vita is in it's predicament. New original games. (Although I am excited for this)
dcj0524  +   745d ago
Toukiden,gravity rush 2,Demon gaze, Freedom Wars,God Eater 2 and 10+ japanese only games to name a few.
r21  +   745d ago
Dont forget Tearaway, Olli Olli.
Crillvirus81  +   745d ago
Yea but sonys retro and portable games ain't nothing like nintendos ..sorry to say it but its the truth sonys has a few that where good but nothing like nintendos back catalog
RmanX1000  +   745d ago
YES, cant wait for this! now how about 3DS with top screen being displayed on the tv.
Metallox  +   745d ago
Spirit Tracks... come to me.
Ilovetheps4  +   745d ago
I hope that we get the DS Zelda games. I really want to play those games again.
SoulSercher620  +   745d ago
OMG I'll admit this is big.

Advance Wars Days of Ruin
Sonic Rush
Sonic Rush Adventure

These I would love to play on tablet
captainexplosion  +   745d ago
But you couldn't take the games with you on the go right??? You would have to download the game to your WiiU and play the game on your game pad within 15 or so feet of the wiiU right? If so this is kind of pointless.
NihonjinChick  +   745d ago
Nintendo already has a machine for that. It's called the 3DS.
Neonridr  +   745d ago
15 feet? I can go down to the next floor of my house and play the thing in my bathroom or in my bedroom if I wish.

Do you even own a Wii U?
DC777  +   745d ago
Now can you make VC free for those of us that actually bought a Wii U?
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   745d ago
Wow, just wow...
You're getting to own them, instead of rent them like you'd be forced to do with PS+ freebies; the least you could do is pay a bit.
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BosSSyndrome  +   745d ago
True. But I do kinda wish they had an ambassador type thing for early adopters, even if it wasnt as fleshed out as 3ds.
Sm00thNinja  +   745d ago
This isn't a game changer when all well get is 2 or 3 ds games a month for 15 bux a pop. The only worthy VC game I've downloaded in the last 3 months was earthbound and god knows how long it took that to happen!
captainexplosion  +   745d ago
Unless I am missing something this isn't a game changer.
Noctis  +   745d ago
one sentence for such big news. wow
pedroyamato   745d ago | Spam
LOL_WUT  +   745d ago
They can't even get super mario bros 3 for over a month you guys are getting your hopes up way too fast ;)
Deathdeliverer  +   745d ago
Give me the latest yu gi oh game. I hate to get all the cards again but to be able to play on my tv is great. Reminds me of the snes game boy attachment.
stragomccloud  +   745d ago
Oh my god, yes!
SlapHappyJesus  +   745d ago
This is actually big news.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   745d ago
Auron  +   745d ago
Yeah thats cool but the 3ds is already selling like mad They want the much more expensive wii u to profit. get it?
Auron  +   745d ago
Cool. Im actually glad Nintendo is in trouble. Pride comes before the Fall Nintendo! Makes em Step up their game and do things they would of never done! Yeah Nintendo needed to be humbled sooner or later.
kalkano  +   745d ago
This is a good start, and we don't have much info...but...

1) We need to be able to play 3DS games the same way.
2) We need a peripheral that will allow us to insert the cartridge. Because we're not going to "rent" games we already own.
BosSSyndrome  +   745d ago
Rent? Wth are you talking about.
R00bot  +   745d ago
As BosSSyndrome said, when you buy a game from the Nintendo eShop you own it. There is no renting with Nintendo (unlike PS+ "free" games).
kalkano  +   745d ago
All digital games are only rented. You don't own them.
R00bot  +   744d ago
Why do you think you're renting the games? After all, you own the game forever, never having to even connect to the internet to use it.
It's not renting.
kalkano  +   744d ago
Can you make a backup copy?
R00bot  +   744d ago
Yeah, it'll only work on your console, but you can make a backup. Funny thing is, you can't make a backup of actual Wii U disks (unless you have a special type of disk drive) :P
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kalkano  +   744d ago
But if you're console breaks, you still have the game.
zero_gamer  +   745d ago
My Wii U is ready.
Errefus  +   745d ago
Would love to see Gamecube titles and game boy titles first on the eshop....
Geobros  +   745d ago
I don't understand Nintendo some times. They have not released yet GBA games in VC and they have already confirmed DS games? :o
RiPPn  +   745d ago
Can't wait for this, been calling for it for some time. Hope they release the hits and quickly.
Myst  +   745d ago
Oh this is now!
Dasteru  +   745d ago
What a bunch of hypocritical money hungry clowns, they have been saying for years that they wouldn't release a DS adapter for the Wii or WiiU because the games would look bad, streched on a TV. Now they are going to be re-charging for DS games digitally on the EShop, and still not releasing an adapter. Visuals were never a concern, it was all a lie to hold people back till they figured out a way to leech more money from it. I will never buy a WiiU, until Nintendo gets their act together and stops trying to rip people off.
R00bot  +   745d ago
Calm down. There's probably an advanced upscaler or something.
R00bot  +   745d ago
Wait, going by that image there, it seems that both the top and bottom screens are displayed on the gamepad, split vertically. It works fine for brain age, as shown here (because brain age had you holding the DS sideways anyway), but it won't work at all for most DS games that have you holding the DS upright (provided the games use buttons).
Maybe the screen positions are game-specific?
Maybe this is just a mockup and in no way represents the final product.
Neonridr  +   745d ago
I just hope they don't overcharge for DS games. I own a 3DS so if they are going to try to gouge me for VC games then I will just hunt down a used DS copy or something off of ebay.

I am NOT willing to pay like $15 a DS game or anything like that.

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