Here Are The Online Retailers With PS4 In Stock

Nerdacy: Due to supply constraints, Sony’s PS4 has been very difficult to find so we’ve decided to do another compilation of online retailers that currently have the PS4 in stock. This includes the basic console and bundles. I know it’s a tad bit annoying that several gaming portals have been inundated with lists like these, but we’re just trying to help out as much as we can.

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xhi41632d ago

Not for long now that it's on N4G ha.

Dannycr1632d ago

Actually they are overpriced and in some of the links they are out of stock but the writer thought they were available.

BattleTorn1632d ago

I personally wouldn't buy a nextgen system online, I would want to be able to return to the retailer just in case of problems.

I've been there, and the retailer actually saved my butt!

YellowTempes1632d ago

Online retailers offer the same service as normal ones. You should try them sometime.

BattleTorn1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I probably do majority of my shopping online. The prices often beat in-store, and if not Amazon - eBay will.

Online is the ideal place for buying SSHD, or SD cards, games, cords, ect.

But, personally I don't find a online retailer offer shipping, for me to return a defective unit, the same convenience as a local retailer.

YellowTempes1631d ago

In-store products cost more because it's more expensive to keep staff sitting there and serving people all day than to simply send it from a depot.

Now you might think "In-store Service, YOU SAID IT!". Yeah, but when a product purchased from either online or offline shops malfunction, the process of sending it back for repairs and receiving it is exactly the same. You drop it at one point and it comes back after the same amount of time.

BattleTorn1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

"either online or offline shops malfunction, the process of sending it back for repairs and receiving it is exactly the same. "

How is shipping and waiting for a replacement to ship back take the same time as having a over-the-counter swap then&there in-store??

one takes days, the other is instantaneous

YellowTempes1629d ago

Instantaneous swapping instead of Waiting for a replacement? Unheard of. Unless the store clerk happens to be a Sony/MS Electrical Engineer with the right equipment to assess the hardware issue correctly, no one is going to blindly give you a new piece of equipment while they figure out the broken circuit in the old one.

All the time when I sent my hardware to the store I bought, they had to send it to their supplier which, afterwards sends it to a specialised technical department to look at the problem. ONLY THEN will it be considered whether to FIX the hardware or SHIP a new piece to the owner.

Lastly, if you would be a PS4 owner, no store would even be able to swap your console right there, right then, because they wouldn't have a spare.

BattleTorn1628d ago

well I've had it done for me twice.

It's called 30-day guarantee at my Gamestop.

They take the defective one back, and provide you a new one (provided they have the stock)

They send them to Sony

Dannycr1632d ago

Fry's Electronics is out of stock and Newegg only sells them in bundles with a HD monitor, headset and a bunch of things so all of them are like $1,000.00. In The rest of the links, they are overpriced, except for Best Buy.

Unfortunately I can't buy from Best Buy :(

Bathyj1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

That's criminal they're allowed to do that. A bundle with a game is one thing people are going to buy games anyway, but throwing in a monitor to help them move stock is messed up.

Dannycr1631d ago

I wouldn't mind if the PS4s weren't overpriced and out of stock. The deal in itself is not bad, buuuut it sucks because I can't find one anywhere at retail price.