Iwata: "Doesn't Make Sense" to do Business in Smartphones, Wii U Gamepad is System's "Weakness"

The highly anticipated Nintendo investor's press conference is underway, and already it seems that Iwata has cut to the meat of the matter, so to speak.

He made a point to discredit rumors that Nintendo will be publishing games on smartphones. However, he does reveal what Nintendo's strategy will be in that market.

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cleft51510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I read everything he said and he isn't wrong about a lot of it. The problem is that even if he can accomplish all of this, than at $300 the WiiU is still not in the price range for the mass market. For obvious reason Iwata wouldn't say the WiiU needs a price drop right now anyways, because that would kill sales of the WiiU even more than it already has been.

I think that he is banking on keeping the price the same in hopes that Mario Kart in May will move a bunch of WiiUs at $300. He isn't wrong for thinking like that. Still this whole conference confirms for me to just wait until X comes out before I buy a WiiU. I hope Bayonetta 2 gets released after the inevitable price drop, because I would love to see that game sale well.

s45gr321510d ago

It already had a $50.00 price drop originally the wii u deluxe cost $350.00 plus tax. They pretty much got rid of the cheaper version replaced by the deluxe version it didn't work. Now I agree about the rest you said

PSVita1510d ago

The wiiU is dead..people have moved on since the wii glory days. They tried to make lightning strike twice and failed so its back to the drawing boards. I think technology and social media is advancing too fast and they're still trying to adjust to it all.

klecser1510d ago

If the WiiU is dead, by your measure so must be the PS Vita...right?

-Foxtrot1510d ago

Then why the hell did they make the Game Pad the main feature in the first place. They just wanted it to take off as another "gimmick". The two screen thing is done with their handhelds, it doesn't mean it's going to work with their consoles.

As I've said they should of done an updated Gamecube styled controller....they have a chance to revamp the controller when Smash Bros comes out, I'd say they just revamp it as the Pro Controller then use it as the main controller in their next console

mhunterjr1510d ago

I don't think they realized the gamepad was a weakness until after flopping and reassessing the situation.

They thought they had an innovative hit on their hands, but when it launched, people didn't even recognize that it was part of a new console.

Stringerbell1510d ago

Release a version w/out the tablet. It will be cheaper and drive up sales instantly.

Crillvirus811510d ago

Yea so we can have 3 consoles that do the same thing and that's just makes the wii u stand out as the weakest console ..and he said people think the wii pad is add on and that's bad but not that it's was a bad idea he also said there going to be focusing more on the pad and showing what it can do plus they will be showing off more games that use the NFC reader and about excepting payments cards using NFC

ChickeyCantor1510d ago

"The two screen thing is done with their handhelds, it doesn't mean it's going to work with their consoles. "

Oh holy one, please enlighten us with your magic ball of prophecies.

Seriously? Let's not pretend you know how to run a business and set a 5 year financial plan while you turn all your efforts into a economic gamble.

strigoi8141510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

i think developers and Nintendo themselves are confused on what the game pad can was never that jaw droping since day one of announcement(coz basically tablets are more of multi-touch not like WiiU gamepad which not)

for them saying the WiiU gamepad is the weakness, i think they knew it now and they are learning. as far as i can remember the gamepad alone is the one causing them to loose a lot of money..only if Nintendo introduce the WiiU with the wiiU pro. and putting the gamepad as a seperate accessory to buy then maybe people wont be confused that much..

now as they announce the DS VC support for wiiU then they can market the gamepad as an accessory add on to play DS or maybe 3DS games on the near future

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1510d ago


They would have to change the entire OS for that.

nukeitall1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I think the weakness is the cost of the controller, at the expense of more graphical demanding games and recognition. This is only an issue if Nintendo is unable to demonstrate the usefulness of second screen experience and market those features.

Nintendo is not falling behind because of hardware, but a price, content and software technology.

They need to bring their Nintendo Network in line with the market leaders like XBL, revamp their dev tools for more streamlined approach, have more westernized (or should I say Americanized) approach to openess so that it is easier to develop games for their platform.

All they need to do is drop the price when they have compelling software. Bring a lot of it, both first party, second party and third party.

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Thepcz1509d ago

right from the horses mouth!

i want a refund on all my bubbles lost for saying the exact thing iwata is saying.

nintendo fans think im trolling, does that mean iwata is trolling??

hate to say it but I TOLD YOU SO.

McScroggz1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

The truth is Nintendo excels at making family friendly games. The problem is their audience is moving more and more towards the tablet and mobile market, not to mention many kids grow up and move on to other platforms.

If you look at Nintendo's home consoles, they have sold fewer than the last since inception excluding the Wii. The N64 had all-time great games, yet the PlayStation sold three times as many. It's VERY complicated WHY the PSOne was so much more successful, but one of the biggest reasons was Sony offered a lot more of a diverse, mature library than the N64.

The Wii, while NOT a fluke, was absolutely a fad. They were able to capitalize on the casual market by having a much cheaper console than their competitor as well as an innovative (and more importantly) intuitive controller with software to immediately show off its capabilities. Halfway through the console's cycle the fad had already died down. It's apparent the Wii U wasn't able to capitalize on the ground gained by the Wii because, among other reasons, it was too expensive and its controller wasn't intuitive.

So Nintendo has to face their shrinking home console market head on unless they can pull another Wii type fad with their next console. Possible, but highly unlikely.

Now, Nintendo has dominated the handheld space since the original Game Boy. The three biggest reasons I think have been pricing, lack of legitimate competitor's (Sony hasn't targeted kids with their handhelds) and Pokemon. While the 3DS is on fire right now, it would be foolish not to acknowledge the growing popularity of gaming on mobile platforms, ESPECIALLY by children and ESPECIALLY in Japan where mobile gaming has always been the most popular.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is Nintendo has for a long time now relied on children/casual gamers as their core audience and I question the long term viability of that focus. Nintendo has be very profitable and consistent in past - and I'm not saying they should do what Sony/Microsoft does because that isn't what they need to do. I just feel like Nintendo needs to look at the current gaming landscape instead of staying in their "Nintendo bubble" and be willing to make the tough choices.


s45gr321510d ago

Wow were have you been by far the best comment on n4g in regards to Nintendo

cyguration1510d ago

"It's VERY complicated WHY the PSOne was so much more successful,"

No, it's not complicated. The PSOne was cheaper and the games were cheaper and the accessories were cheaper.

I could buy two PSOne games to one N64 titles. That's why.

Tito081509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

No, N64 was the cheapest at $199 versus $299 PS1, the games for N64 were unneccesarily expensive as the cartridge itself was more expensive but didn't hold as much data as PS1/Sat discs. Saturn, on the other hand, was the more expensive at $399, Sony for the most part played their cards right over Nintendo.

kabala1510d ago

The playstion 1 had a better business model than the N64 for publishers. Cds vs carts. If sony had a hit game the publishers could manufacter cds a hell of a lot faster than they could with carts. I still say if the N64 was cd based like the PS1 things maybe different now.

haftarun81510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

You nailed it right on the head. The decision for N64 to go cart-based was almost as big of a lightning bolt (and subsequent MAJOR fork in the video game history road) as their decision to ditch Sony as a partner for a CD SNES add-on a year or two prior. Silicon Graphics wanted the best for N64 and had even suggested pairing brand new DVD tech with the console to match their mini Octane workstation processor that powered it. Square never would've left Nintendo, 3rd party support wouldn't have dropped off the map due to manufacturing costs, and N64 would've been by far the most powerful system in that generation, able to do games of every genre, even if they had just gone with CDs. Very different indeed!

PS4isKing_821510d ago

Focus more on games that use the amazing pro controller, bundle that with the console instead of the gamepad, market and produce hardcore games that will use said controller, mark price to $199 for console, release new Zelda and smash bros. And they may see sales turn around soon.

360ICE1510d ago

Yes. At this point I'd welcome buying the console without the game pad. Literally every game I want for the console as of now I would prefer playing with the controller. As I'll imagine will be the case for Mario Kart, which he mentioned could help save the gamepad.

Metallox1510d ago

That will be now just a thought, something that could happen, because Nintendo it's now going to support more the Gamepad, for better or worse.

wonderfulmonkeyman1510d ago

Put the Pro controller inside all bundles going forward, ALONGSIDE the game pad so that local multiplayer comes right out of the box to increase bundle value, and DO NOT DROP THE PRICE, because THAT WOULD BE MORE HARMFUL THAN BENEFICIAL TO THEIR OVERALL PROFIT FORECASTS AND WOULD ONLY PISS OFF THEIR INVESTORS EVEN MORE.

MasterCornholio1510d ago

"Put the Pro controller inside all bundles going forward, ALONGSIDE the game pad"

You do know that would increase the cost of the system which would give Nintendo two options.

1. Increase the price of the SKU to maintain the same profit margins.
2. Keep the price the same and reduce profit margins.

The Wii U doesn't need a price increase because that would price it dangerously close to the PS4 thus making the console less competitive. And Nintendo is already taking a hit with the Wii U and the second option will only increase their losses.

This is the main reason why I dont believe that they will do this.

wonderfulmonkeyman1510d ago

No, you're assuming that they would increase the SKU price.
They could very well leave it at its current price and use the controller as a way to add value.
They don't sell many spare controllers compared to Wii U units so it's not like they're missing out on otherwise-guaranteed profits by packing the Pro controllers in, and it would help them to get the system out on the market.
The cost of packing in controllers compared to the high potential of the bundles selling better due to the extra controllers.....
I think I'd take the latter option if I were in charge.
And I'd market the ever-living F*** out of it to make SURE the move worked.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

they can focus on games all they want ill never buy a Nintendo console unless their Online is all caught up to date with the PS4 and X1. its just not worth it if their online sucks. Friend code lol

and yeah their controller is wack. if one like the PS4 or X1 came in the box also

Ilovetheps41510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Well I'm happy to tell you that the Wii U doesn't use friend codes. I'm glad to see you know so much about the Wii U's online. I have played Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate online for nearly 100 hours and I have had zero problems. There is no lag. The community is the best I've ever played with. When I needed help, people were more than willing to help. I've had a good experience with the Wii U's online games.

As for the controller, try holding it. It's one of my favorite controllers ever. It's such a nice controller to use.

Slade231510d ago

They ditch the friend codes for the wii U, did you come out of a rock or what? It's called the Nintendo Network ID, In case you didn't know.

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3xkrazy1510d ago

Who would want to download ads on their cellphone or smart device? Nintendo needs to clean house.

3xkrazy1510d ago

It's pretty much what their new service is -- apps that inform users about Nintendo products.

nevin11510d ago

So the gamepad a flop?

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