Nintendo admits Wii U problem is Gamepad but plans to stick with it

XMNR: Nintendo held a financial meeting in Japan Thursday where president Saturo Iwata addressed the issues with the Wii U following the console's disastrous holiday performance.

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Hatsune-Miku1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Nintendo admits wii u problem is what normal gamers have been saying which is that the game pad is rubbish and unnecessary just like kinect. Unnecessary device that adds bigger price point and takes away from having better hardware.

Nintendo needs to sell wii u with regular game pad without the silly touch screen for 120 quid. Nintendo also needs a lot more games and they all need to be quality titles

wonderfulmonkeyman1606d ago

Kinect is an arm-flailing device.
Game Pad is not.
Comparison invalid, try again.

captainexplosion1606d ago

Learn to read. He never said the Game pad is a form of motion controls, he said it is inessential, like the Kinect. If people don't want a Kinect or Game pad they shouldn't be forced to buy one.

wonderfulmonkeyman1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Learn to read yourself.
Or, rather, learn public opinion.
People have been saying for a while now that Motion Controls are inessential.
Which the Game Pad is not based around motion controls, therefore the implied meaning of the statement that the Game Pad is not essential is an invalid one.

Quite a few games benefit from it and even more are going to do so going forward, if Nintendo's revealed plans are to be believed.

The game pad is not inessential.
You'd have to be an idiot to think so; it's the biggest differentiation that the system has going for it, it's also the cheapest form of off-TV play amongst the three systems on the market and the ONLY one that doesn't sacrifice screen size or trade certain physical buttons on the controller itself, that core gamers expect all controllers to have by now, for ones on the touch screen.
It just needs to be used better, to show its potential going forward.

DarthZoolu1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I think people are wrong about the hardware and they don't need more 3rd party support. They need to age some of their beloved franchises. Zelda and Metroid need to be made for adults. They also need to be made to meet today's gaming standards. Both need to be super epic, mature, with massive world's and Metroid needs online co-op. They could beat every one if they would just listen to what gamers want from them. If they made that Future Zelda that was rumored a few years back gamers would flock.

ambientFLIER1606d ago

Why would anyone really bother reading and trying to understand what Hatsune is saying? He's a hardcore troll trying to rile up people with every comment. Best thing is to mark him as trolling and not even read his garbage.

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Vegamyster1606d ago

It's not rubbish, it's actually quite good.

princejb1341606d ago

I agree
Even though I don't have a wii u the game pad looks awesome

FlyingFoxy1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

The range is poor on the gamepad even in my next room, but all i had to do was plug in the system at the end of my bed and i could use the gamepad wirelessly fine in the same room as the system. So yes, it is pretty good.

thezeldadoth1606d ago

i really enjoy the gamepad and it really made wind waker a better game. It's also stopped a lot of "who gets the tv" arguments.

kneon1606d ago

Yes but when you have more than one kid playing you have the "who gets the gamepad" arguments.

Rhaigun1606d ago

I gotta agree with kneon on this one. When playing two player, the pad is useless. You have to use two Wii remotes/pro controllers or combination of either. Since that's what my son and I do most of the time, the pad goes unused.

Death1606d ago

In many multiplayer games, the gamepad is required. I've yet to see a game that doesn't use it in form or another. I would imagine you are playing Wii games on the WiiU if it isn't being used.

If they release the gamepad as an accessory, that would be great. This way you can have two of them for multiplayer games.

thezeldadoth1606d ago

^ More like, one person watches tv while the other plays the game on the gamepad screen.

Also, sonic racing transformed, you can play multiplayer with both players having a full screen, one on TV, the other on gamepad. You can play 5 player splitscreen for that reason, 4 on tv, 1 on gamepad.

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ritsuka6661606d ago

Oh,why you troll miku copy and past this same shit comment?

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NYC_Gamer1606d ago

Who really thought Nintendo would drop the pad?that would be a waste of all their money spent building the damn thing.

Queasy1606d ago

Yep but it would be nice if they actually came up with games that actually supported it in a meaningful and entertaining way.

ABizzel11606d ago


They could sell it separate, and add in Wiimotes to cut to price down, or move the console back to a profit.

IMO another price cut needs to happen holiday 2014, especially if sales don't pick up consistently after the release of Mario Kart this Spring.

BitbyDeath1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Probably costs too much on it's own to sell separately. Would explain why they are not yet on shelves.

Death1606d ago

If you read the interview, they aren't saying the Gamepad is a problem. They are saying people are not aware of how it is used. They plan to raise peoples awareness of the gamepad and are focusing more on using it.

RackLug1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Love the gamepad

PS4isKing_821606d ago

Same here. I love everything about it. And the pro controller also feels wonderful. I just wish more games used it.

Pillsbury11606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Now they have a problem because if they drop selling the game pad with the hardware it would upset a lot of the customers who bought one and thought it would be supported by all games.

Only way out is to release a brand new console within 1-2 years.

wonderfulmonkeyman1606d ago

They won't do that.
They'll release better games to make the system become lucrative during the ride through its full cycle.

Ced2141606d ago

Got that right Pillsbury,

I think for a year, nintendo should give it all that it's got for the WiiU. Like a whole bunch of games that people really want, then the next 2-3 years move on with something else. Also adding WiiU integration with the new console so the people who bought a WiiU won't get ripped-off.

And for the love of God, change the name to something that isn't similar to the previous console.

Death1606d ago

Read the article.

They aren't dropping the gamepad. They are focusing on more ways to use it. The "problem" they are referring to is getting the information out on how it is used with the system.

It's amazing how so many people think Vita/PS4 integration is so awesome and then rip on the WiiU gamepad. You can play your games right on the pad so others can use the TV or use the gamepad with the bigscreen experience much like Smartglass. The best part of the WiiU is the gamepad. If you remove it, you simply have a Wii with upgraded graphics.

Dravidian1606d ago

I'm just glad someone here can read

KrisButtar1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

"They are focusing on more ways to use it. The "problem" they are referring to is getting the information out on how it is used with the system."

What information? What more ways to use it? On all the cool features and awesome things it can do? I don't know why they don't share a few ideas or a bit of this "information" to get the ball rolling.

"It's amazing how so many people think Vita/PS4 integration is so awesome and then rip on the WiiU gamepad."

And just like the WiiU, the PS4/Vita Intergration is not selling systems or the Vita would have a 1:1 ratio with the PS4.

They both need to show why its so special and a must have feature and have failed to capture the masses

Edit: miss quoted

cellur1111606d ago

No Nintendo the game pad is not the problem. The name and lack of games people want is.

Ced2141606d ago

Yes, WiiU offered what the 360 and PS3 did years before it was released. I think they were counting on the gimmick with the gamepad to change how that market viewed it.

Also, it never hurts to have new IPs. I know mario's a little worn out being a plumber, racer, doctor etc.

Link could use a breather. Now Samus is a different story.

lilbroRx1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Let this idiotic mantra die. The Wii U is stronger than the PS3/360 and offers far more pontentially than they could ever.

The devs of Project C.A.R.S., Trine 2, and Nano Assault have all attested that the Wii U is all around stronger than the last gen console and that the PS3/360 can't run games to the same level as it. The Wii U is a next gen console with next gen features. The PS3/360 are not. Its going to remain stronger than them no matter how much you don't want it be true, and PS4/Xboxone being sronger don't matter as Nintendo made their console with a focus on price and functionality(the gamepad) not specs.

Secondly. The Cell was gimmick, the Sixaxis was a gimmick, Kinect is a gimmick, Xboxlive is a gimmick, PSN Plus is a gimmick, bragging about the PS4's specs is a gimmick. A gimmick is anything used to sell something.

Calling a something a gimmick doesn't really mean anything. All selling points are gimmicks. Somehow fanboys have managed to turn this into an insult when aimed at Nintendo.

Third, Nintendo makes new I.P.s every year. Just last year they released the Wonderful 101, Dillon's Rolling Western and announced Monolith's Project X as well as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.

Not that this argument ever made any sense. Nintendo's old franchises are the most successful games franchises on Earth. How people continue to make issues out of their use of old I.P. "which every other console manufacture does as well" is beyond me.

cellur1111605d ago

@lilbroRX Why are you comparing the ps3/360 to the wii u? Those are last gen and the wii U is next gen, and compared to xbox one and ps4 it can't compare.

lilbroRx1605d ago

This article has a faux headline. He said lack of understanding about the Gamepad is the problem, not the gamepad itself.

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