Nintendo Q3 2014 earnings - GamePad focus, NFC titles at E3, Mario Kart 8 in May

Nintendo has revealed new information about its future during an investor briefing.

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SpiralTear1602d ago

May Mario Kart is good. That's the kind of game that hooks people, especially in the game drought of summer.

malokevi1602d ago

It's looking really nice, too. Looking forward to my buddy picking it up. MK never disappoints. Still people playing Mario Kart Wii online, all over the world, at all hours of the day.

Concertoine1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Wow. They better have something between DKC and may.
Edit: most of this really pleases me. He seemed to hint at unified accounts, more gamepad focus, better advertising, etc. but what in hell is he talking about with the last few bullets??

SpiralTear1602d ago

I noticed that too: this "quality of life" concept. Maybe it's a way to make their products more integral to a lifestyle as opposed to a hobby.

I'm both curious and anxious for clarification on that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1602d ago

From what I understand, they'll be doing more "health-based" peripherals and things of that nature.
Basically a renewed focus on the kinds of things that made Wii Fit so popular.

NYC_Gamer1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Did anyone actually believe that Nintendo could pump out exclusives every month?the Wii U droughts are going to happen very often without strong 3rd party support.

deafdani1602d ago

Sadly, that seems like the case. Nintendo is actually pumping lots of great games constantly, both for 3DS and Wii U, but there's still so much a single company can do.

Expecting any single company to release AAA game after AAA game, month after month after month, is pretty unrealistic.

wonderfulmonkeyman1602d ago

Silver lining; NDS games are confirmed to be coming to the Wii U E-shop, so there's a booster shot to the old sales bum.

strigoi8141602d ago

Nintendo has no choice, thats the only thing they can do for now..they will never pump out a 1st party game every month. i think thats why they release the DS Virtual Console support is to attract DS gamers and fill up the wait for another exclusive.(maybe i dont know lolz) i think Nintendo needs to make more exclusives for a Sony just did with the PS3 when everyone is confused with PS3's cell architecture Sony did offer seminars and teach developers to loop around the cell technology..and Sony waits for developers and pump out their exclusive studios..Nintendo is on a side of learning once again they just have to be patient for now business wise..

JackieCruise691602d ago

Well, at least now I have an idea as to when I'm getting my hands on that game. Totally pumped for MK8.

I hope they'll announce something in-between DK and MK8 though.

BosSSyndrome1602d ago

Really exciting stuff here. Suggestion of linked ids, more gamepad focus, lower prices, and better marketing. Hope this is all stuck to.

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