Alien: Isolation - Everything You Ought To Know

J Station X writes

"Alien: Isolation is already the worst kept secret of the year so far. Info about SEGA's new title was leaked and then leaked again and it's now been officially revealed but there's still so much to talk about!

So, using The Official PlayStation Magazine UK's world exclusive feature on the game, as well as info that SEGA have released online, here's our no nonsense guide detailing everything you need to know about Alien: Isolation."

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sweetSWAGGER1451d ago

Good god release already.

YellowTempes1451d ago

Don't rush it man, or...ELSE!

sweetSWAGGER1451d ago

*shiver* you're right. Creative Assembly, please, take all the time you need.

Bathyj1451d ago

Its pretty cool the level of dedication to the source material. I just hope the game can provide a good enough pacing to keep it from getting boring and keep the tension up. It will be a fine line they will be walking.

For my mind Alien 3 on SNES and Alien Trilogy on PSOne were the best ever Alien games. I'd love to see a PSN reboot of the SNES type style of game with modern graphics. Sidescrolling Xenomorphic shooting fun.

MysticStrummer1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Yeah I loved Alien Trilogy. For a "we changed enough to not get sued" alien game on PS3, check out Alien Breed. There's a trilogy and I think demos for all of them. Nothing amazing but not bad.

Trekster_Gamer1451d ago

Gearbox they say didn't have time. What a load. They released screenshots 6 years ago!

They just FD it up!

This game looks good but will it just be 8 hours of hide and seek???

Surely not!

At least gearbox won't be at the helm. If the intro of the game would show an Alien devouring Randy Pitchford then the game might fly off the shelves!

MysticStrummer1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

"If the intro of the game would show an Alien devouring Randy Pitchford then the game might fly off the shelves!"

Alien piston jaw through Randy's face. Gearbox had time to make a fake gameplay preview with Randy pretending to talk to the person playing it. A real low moment in gaming history there. Not as low as, say, Custer's Revenge mind you, but still pretty low.