Titanfall Beta Access Doesn’t Require a Pre-Order

GR: Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that you don't have to pre-order Titanfall in order to get access to the upcoming beta.

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truefan11450d ago

Great news as my preorder is at walmart, I can pick it up and be playing by 12:30, gamestop always has long lines. I also love the confidence they are showing, giving everyone access is saying our game is so great once you get a fix, you will be hooked. I'm definitely Preparing For Titanfall.

Septic1450d ago

Great news!

Shows confidence in their game and should yield better results as more people participate.

It should also silence the haters.

TomShoe1450d ago

That's good that it doesn't need a pre-order.

I'm still undecided between "Day 1" and "Wait until it's on sale," so this will help me with my decision.

hematocrit1450d ago

Eh, the way gamestop does their midnights now they can knock out a line of 200 people in 15 minutes once midnight hits. Plus I like free stuff :)

UncleGermrod1450d ago

great news for me since i am not pre-ordering. well, not so long as i can download it on the xbox store at midnight. I guess i could have just pre-ordered and then cancelled anyways.

Speaking of downloading titles, any word on weather sony or MS will begin to let us "pre-download" titles so that at midnight of launch we can just start playing?

Sayai jin1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

@trufan- You got it wrong. Your not preparing for's Standby for Titanfall! I can't wait for the beta to test it out.

@Septic- It would be nice if it would silence the haters, but you know it won't.

That's good that it is a free access beta. It would be nice if they could allow all those who preordered the game access to the beta a few days before everyone else.

Seafort1450d ago

Why? You get enough shit for preordering.

Most betas are marketing betas to persuade people who haven't preordered yet to preorder.

Those who have already preordered should be happy with what they get and not ask for extras just because they put money down pre release.

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LoaMcLoa1450d ago

I'm guessing there will be some sort of sign-up. I'm hoping for an open beta though!

sak5001450d ago

great now pls tell us how to get into beta? i'd go in for both or all 3, 360, XB1 and PC LOL

gamertk4211450d ago

I will download it, as I am planning to do for big games I don't want to trade in. Also, I don't want to have to swap the disc. Wish we could pre-order directly through the Xbox.

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