Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare PS4 Release Possible?

GamerFitNation: The Plants vs Zombies franchise has now come to your living room with Plants vs. Zombies Garden War. Now you’re able to play the game like never before, but will we see a Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare PS4 release? GamerFitnation got the chance to visit EA to get insight on a new Split Screen mode from our previous visit on Garden Warfare.

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Redinfamy1357d ago

June would be nice for an E3 annoouncement

TheVideoGamHer1357d ago

Great interview. Looking forward to this game.

GreatnessAwaits1357d ago

I would buy this. It looks pretty cool.


It's effing awesome! especially on the tablet.

The_Infected1357d ago

She's not a good interview person at all. Just saying. Game looks pretty good though and hopefully PS4 will get it.

BLACKBIBLE1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Really? I feel she did very well. Never the less I would like to know how do you feel she could have been better?

The_Infected1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

I just feel she should have more enthusiasm when interviewing someone. Maybe just act a tad more exited and interested. That's all IMO other than that she did well.

JokesOnYou1356d ago

I actually agree with Infected she seemed bored to me, sort of like she's "just doing my job" because I was told to.

I hate when interviews are over excited in a fake way, but lack of enthusiasm is just as bad imo.

PFFT1356d ago

IF i am not mistaken this game was never exclusive only the Boss Mode is if i am not mistaken.

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The story is too old to be commented.