5 Features Essential to Halo 2 Anniversary’s Success

Kevin26385 of GoodGameBro writes, "Ever since Halo: Combat Anniversary released on November 15, 2011, fans of the franchise have clamored for a Halo 2 Anniversary. If a rumor on NeoGAF is believed to be true, Xbox One users will be playing Halo 2 Anniversary on November 11, 2014.

Assuming the rumor is true, here are five features after the jump that I think Halo 2 Anniversary needs to be a successful representation of the original game released in 2004."

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aviator1891630d ago

preserve the mp, preserve the mp, preserve the mp.

Honestly, that's the one major thing they need to worry about before moving onto other aspects of the game (if this game indeed exists).

Kevin263851630d ago

Exactly. I just hope they can do a good job of resembling the Halo 2 engine on Xbox One.

That can't be an easy task. Especially since they didn't originally develop Halo 2.

LAWSON721630d ago

They do that and Halo 5s multiplayer will be a ghost town lol

Bodge1630d ago

Does anyone think the Halo Trilogy registries in SteamDB are fake? If they aren't, that would make me very happy......

LAWSON721630d ago

The rumors are getting a little old but I will always have hope.

Software_Lover1630d ago

I liked Halo C.E. anniversary. Switching back and forth really showed the work they put in. Hope this games is just as good if not better.

mhunterjr1630d ago

Man if they preserve halo 2 multiplayer, the reception in would get would guarantee halo 5 returns to glory.

I'm not sure how they went astray between halo 3 and reach, but I'd welcome the hall 2 formula with open arms.