Review: Unepic (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo 'Double Review':

Justin 'J Money' Hinton, "Unepic is a joy to play and there is a ton of room within Harnakon’s Castle to explore. The humor scattered throughout the game provides some lightheartedness within an otherwise dark gameworld. Even though I had a few small issues with Unepic, I never found that they were impacting my satisfaction with the game while playing. With only having played the game in the normal difficulty setting it is hard to tell if Unepic would be easy enough for a younger gamer to play but fans of RPG games will definitely want to give Unepic a whirl."

Trevor Gould, "With a story that surprised with its sheer amount of humor, control that impressed with how well it used the Wii U GamePad and (most of all) fun gameplay that kept me hooked, Unepic proved itself a triumph on every front! There is so much more I could talk about. Unepic is one of the best Wii U games I’ve played yet!"

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for we are many1544d ago

I was playing Unepic last week on Wii U. Very good old school game and is a time sponge. The game uses the gamepad in a way making this by far the preferred version over PC.