The Daily Five: Most Important Games of the Last Generation

"But while there was no shortage of great titles in the eight-plus years that the last slate of machines ran, there are far fewer that can lay claim to being truly important. Games that weren’t just great, but changed the way that we thought about video games in any number of ways.

It was tough narrowing it down to just five, so feel free to add your own in the comments below." - Joe Garcia

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snipab8t1483d ago

The overall most important game has got to be Call of Duty 4. Not only did that cause the transition of mainstream titles to the modern era, but also introduced the multiplayer unlock and progression system which pretty much every first person shooter has since copied.

I would also suggest Minecraft (PC games count, right?) as it has, and continues to, spawn an aslmost endless list of survival games mimicking the general mechanics of the game.

infinitewords1483d ago

No Uncharted or The Last of Us.......this list is dumb.

snipab8t1482d ago

Uncharted perhaps influenced Tomb Raider, but other than that these games, while great, haven't really been all that 'important'.

AshleeEmerson1482d ago

You my friend are a comedian that really needs to work on his jokes... Like NOW!

snipab8t1482d ago

^ What are you on about?

creatchee1482d ago

Greatness and importance are not synonyms.

from the beach1482d ago

Bingo, replace Journey with New Super Mario Bros. and you're there.