Review: Bravely Default (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo: "As Final Fantasy evolves and deviates from the mold that it originally crafted for itself, Bravely Default instead sees a welcome return to the type of role playing adventure that Final Fantasy once excelled in. Bravely Default is a wonderful concoction of both old and new, maintaining everything loved by the classic Final Fantasy games whilst adding enough fresh new features and mechanics that could ultimately result in Bravely becoming Square Enix’s new trump card. Bravely Default’s luscious visuals, rich cultural sounds, colourful cast of characters and addictive gameplay all culminate to produce one of the best RPGs not only from Square Enix, but from any publisher in recent years. If your faith in Square Enix has been tested in recent years, Bravely Default should do a great deal to restore that concern."

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for we are many1602d ago

I don't remember spending so much time playing a demo of a game like I did for Bravely Default, except maybe The Wonderful 101! It's that good. Please bring more RPGs, we need an RPG renaissance, this game and Monolith Soft's X are an excellent start for such a renaissance. I just dream of a time when we could get a sequel for Shadow Hearts on the caliber of SH: Covenant.

DryBoneKoopa851602d ago

This is one of the 40 reasons I'm picking up a 3DS XL next week. The 3DS is dropping bomb's left and right and I just can't ignore these amazing tittles any longer.