Calling All Final Fantasy Fans - Price Drop

One of the only direct sequels to a Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years has received a significant price drop on the App Store. Details on the jump.

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Eonjay1577d ago

Just downloaded it this morning for psvita @ 8.50. Comes with both original and after years

Nerdmaster1577d ago

The iOS After Years is completely remade in 3D. I won't buy it because I hate playing on smartphones and I gave up playing anything on it. But I would definitely buy this game if they released it for 3DS or even Vita.

Eonjay1577d ago


Includes the original and After Years for Vita. Also, you can play it on PSP if you have one. Not bad deal. Also, its 8.99 not 8.50 my bad.

Nerdmaster1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

I already have FFIV: The Complete Collection, but it's 2D. What I tried to say is that I would like to play the 3D remade version of The After Years that's on iOS, but I won't play it on buttonless smartphones and tablets.

Chrono1577d ago

Buttonless smartphones and tablets aren't that bad, maybe one day you'll realize that. I have Vita and 3DS, but I also enjoyed games like this and FF Dimensions on my iPad. I wouldn't like to play a fighting game on smart devices but a turn-based RPG doesn't really need precise controls.

Nerdmaster1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

I have an iPhone and an iPad, I tried many, many games on them, and I could never get used to virtual joysticks. Even in RPGs, moving the character is a chore. I bought FF Dimensions, FF IV, FF V, Chrono Trigger... Platform games like Mega Man X and Sonic are absolutely terrible with touch controls.

The only bearable games in smartphones and tablets are the ones that don't rely on virtual joysticks. That's why when people say "I can emulate SNES and Genesis games on my phone" I ask "what's the point?". Or when people say that Nintendo should make games for iOS and they ask "can you imagine playing Mario on your iPhone?" and I say "yes, I do. It sucks".