Watch Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Introduce The PS4 and its Features

SCE Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida has become one of the most prominent figureheads of the PS4, and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just released a new video starring him as he introduces the PS4 to the Japanese audience.

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xHeavYx1546d ago

Now all I need to do is learn Japanese

Cryptcuzz1546d ago

Can you learn it first then teach me after? While we both try to play through the new Yakuza game on the PS4 if I import it?

Come on man, what are friends for!?

I am always amazed when I see Mark Cerny and Andrew House speak fluent Japanese. Takes a lot of patience and dedication to learn another language that is drastically different then ones own native tongue.

Shu is awesome too. No matter what side your on, there is no denying he is a cool and funny guy. I am glad he was such a huge part of the PS4 and look forward to more of his witty actions through the years.

cleft51546d ago

I am working on learning Japanese now. I feel like as a western it would be nice to know how to read and speak Japanese. It's not easy, but I felt like I understood a little of what he was saying.

Patrick_pk441546d ago

When you finish learning Japanese, translate the video for us please :)

youndamie1546d ago

Lol love that pic, reminds me of Joel's acceptance video.

II__BONE__II1546d ago

Allow me to translate with my vast knowledge of Japanese,
Shue: PS4,Video Game,PS Vita,PS Store,Americana,Share Button,PS3.

Assistant:Mmmmm,mmmmhmmm,mmmm mmmm,Ummmhmmmmm,hmmmmmm,

Ced2141546d ago

Don't forget the ehmmms. Never forget the ehmmms.