Shadow Warrior now partially running on PlayStation 4

PSU's Adam Byrne writes: ''In a development that’s sure to excite fans of the 1997 3D-Realms hit, Shadow Warrior, its 2103 reboot, previously a PC-exclusive, is now partially up-and-running on PlayStation 4...''

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kiz26941299d ago

Awesome, actually forgot this was in dev for PS4, good to see some advancement on the project.

JohnApocalypse1299d ago

I wonder if this will get a retail release since its $40 on Steam

Rockefellow1299d ago

You know, I didn't think about that. I never played the reboot, but I assumed it was more or less along the same lines as the source material. Reviews seem to claim it's got quite a bit of content, though, so retail might not be out of the question. They're doing it for Putty Squad in North America, of all games, so who knows at this point?

JohnApocalypse1299d ago

I've seen that game in stores like like £20, might get it one day

thezeldadoth1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

shadow warrior was one of my favorite games in 2013 and one of the most refreshing shooters in a long time.

GreatnessAwaits1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

I would like a retail release. I don't like digital on consoles. Unless I really have to.

Rockefellow1299d ago

This is nice enough for a downloadable distraction, but I'm only reminded of Shadow of the Beast, which has quickly been forgotten about since its dazzling reveal trailer last year. Sony and its developer have been awfully quiet, though it looked fairly promising.

Also, whoever wrote this should really go back and edit the first paragraph... it's rather painful to read.

denero11299d ago

thank you sir i could not for the life of me figure out the title its shadow of the beast I wonder what became of it

imt5581299d ago

Well, Infinity Ward in short time transfer the COD : Ghost from PC to PS4 ( in few weeks ) in playable version. Later game become optimized. I presume that development of Shadow Warrior on PS4 will be short.

xJumpManx1299d ago

What does this game get on the Wangometer? This game was mad funny on the pc rerelease.

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