Rumor: Quantum Break/Sunset Overdrive To Release Fall 2014, Fable Legends In Summer 2015

GearNuke: "Verified Industry Insider confirms that Xbox One exclusive Fable Legends is not getting a release on the Xbox One until Summer 2015. He/She also drops the curtain on the Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break's release date."

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Dlacy13g1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

well its rumor so take it for what you will...

The thing I find the most amusing is how many gaming sites are now reporting "rumors" by surfing NeoGaf (which is where this verified source actually is found) or they are reporting stories from other gaming sites that got their "rumors" by surfing NeoGaf. None seem to be able to do anything beyond source NeoGaf info.

Rockefellow1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

You got that right. Most of the people submitting their own web links to N4G can't come up with original content, let alone do actual research or journalism. It's easier for them to construct a mess of an article as quickly as they can in hopes that they'll beat the other mediocre sites to the submission finish line... otherwise, who would bother to view their site?

At least it isn't as bad as going to Kotaku. Not only do they report on things that are literally days, if not weeks, old, the majority of their content is syphoned directly from Neogaf.

Dlacy13g1450d ago

So a follow up on this thought. Yesterday IGN reports on a rumor that they picked up from another smaller site citing an insider named: Pete Doss... Pete Doss should have been Pete Dodd as he is one of the insiders over at NeoGaf. The best part was not only the original site nor IGN fact checked the name on the rumor. So multiple sites all ran around talking about Insider Pete Doss who doesn't exist.

Journalism 101...fact check your sources

truefan11450d ago

Yea it's all speculation, but I hope it's true as I will be buying both.These are both fresh new titles and I am looking forward to playing them. MSFT is bringing the games.

JokesOnYou1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Exactly I take anything sourced from neogaf with a huge grain of salt. neogaf gets some stuff right but it's usually something anyone intimately involved in gaming news could have guessed. I mean its not stuff thats so accurate and unexpected where Im shocked. For example right now if any one here made 10 common sense guesses/predictions about things like say ND has "secretly" begun dev'ing Uncharted 4 but it won't be released until 2015, then there's a very good chance you might be right.....the formula of making a bunch of random but vague, but also likely predictions about upcoming games or trends works if you are reading tons of gaming news you will get some right. Throw in a bit of "cryptic" wording to add the "super spy agent flavor and when a few of these predictions actually happen, you'll be treated as a "insider", don't discuss the "rumors" you got wrong, just move on, wash rinse repeat.

Id be more convinced if these insiders predicted accurately unkwown games nobody ever talked about before or deals like microsoft/epic Gears of War which came out of nowhere. lol

Lilrizky1450d ago

Chinese whispers: Gamer's edition

DarkLordMalik1450d ago

A rumor it may be, but it was extremely plausible. There has been no official confirmation, sure. But Microsoft has always talked about a 2014 release date for both Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive. I don't see how it seems far fetched for both games to come in 2014.

As for Fable Legends, it always carried a question mark over its release date since its original reveal had zero gameplay. It seems like the developer is still experimenting with the game so i don't think it is that hard to assume the game is coming in 2015.

We have gotten far out-of-this-world rumors here on N4G like the ridiculous dGPU ones or the Nintendo Fusion.

Lilrizky1450d ago

I know, just today on N4G we've had rumours of Crackdown 3, Halo 2 HD and the release dates for these games. Though, these rumours seem likely. Insomniac did say they were aiming for 2014 and Quantic Break did have gameplay.

jay21450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Well, looks like the underdog console won't be on my shelf till Autumn then. better be cheaper too.

Mikefizzled1450d ago

As hyped as I am for Quantum Break, Which is very, There is a lot going on. Like they are shooting a live action series to go with it which has different scenes depending on events in the game.
I honestly never considered it releasing in 2014.

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