Collectibles: One Scavenger Hunt Too Far

Collectibles can be a great addition to a game, but are all these scavenger hunts starting to get a little unnecessary?

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kyon1471602d ago

I think AC4:BF had the most pointless collectibles. I spent hours in the first area getting 100% and it felt like a big waste of time for what you are really getting.

I understanding making the game a little more replayable but over doing it makes it a boring grind.

Neonridr1602d ago

Not to mention that in BF4 for example, you could only find some of the collectibles at certain times in the level. You could visit an area at the beginning of the level and find nothing there, however if you visit the same area at a later point, suddenly there is an unlockable weapon sitting there. You wouldn't think to revisit that section because you had already checked at the beginning.

I agree that sometimes it's just drawing out the game needlessly.

Wargrave1602d ago

Being rewarded for collectibles is a recent invention. Less then 10 years ago games like Psychonauts gave you nothing for getting all the figments, locked memories, etc etc. I'm not saying we should be expected to be rewarded for collectibles, but rather it is going to take time to get the balance between effort and reward.